Tolls seen as a way to widen Route 3

A former state transportation official proposed toll lanes to pay for a widening of the road from Braintree to Norwell.

Health care tax hikes on wealthy take effect on Jan. 1

While new taxes are coming on top earners, broader hikes may be included in a federal budget deal.

School police seek better tools to fight intruders

Some members of the Boston School Department’s police force believe they might be unprepared to respond to a mass shooting like the one in Newtown, Conn.

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Motorists traveled slowly on a snow-covered Interstate 24 during a in Paducah, Ky, on Wednesday.

Storm will bring snow to Central Mass., New Hampshire

While snow isn’t expected to accumulate in Boston, areas in Central and Western Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire could get up to a foot.

Brian Ventura feared being kicked out; that he did upset his parents.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

For some students, holiday time is coming-out time, too

For many young people who move away for college, coming home for the holidays also means coming out to their families as lesbian, gay, or bisexual.

The Greatest Bar has installed a SceneTap app camera.

Privacy a worry as app scans the bar scene

SceneTap uses facial detection technology to allow patrons outside to determine if the people inside a particular bar make the place worth visiting.

A man and his dog strolled near beaver habitat in Millennium Park in West Roxbury.

Beavers expanding range, making homes closer to people

The furry rodents are making a comeback throughout Mass., in large part because of a ban on trapping them.

Speculating about Marco Rubio already?


The endless presidential campaigns

Maybe voters wouldn’t get so weary of the quadrennial procession of politicians coveting the White House if that procession didn’t keep starting earlier and earlier.


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Celtics 93, Nets 76

Kevin Garnett (right) left Brooklyn’s Deron Williams feeling rejected after this first-quarter block.

Celtics shine in Christmas win

With strong contributions from the bench, the Celtics ran away from the Nets in Brooklyn to jump above .500 and into a second-place tie.