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Egyptian military warns of ‘disastrous consequences’

The military’s appeal for dialogue between clashing sides in Egypt signals its return to an increasingly violent political scene.

A rebel fighter threw a grenade toward Syrian troops loyal to President Bashar Assad during clashes in Aleppo, Syria.

Syrian rebels get new leadership in bid to unite

Rebel groups in Syria have joined forces, hoping to increase coordination as they fight to oust President Bashar Assad.

Gay marriage backers apprehensive over court cases

Enthusiasm among advocates about the Supreme Court’s decision to hear gay marriage cases was tempered with worry over the decision’s implications.

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The end of days?

Dec. 21, 2012: The reality and the legend.

Claire Shaw of Virginia


MGH cancer patients signal a good ending

The sound of someone ringing the ‘Good Luck Bell’ to mark the completion of treatments is cause for joy.

book review

‘Sweet Tooth’ by Ian McEwan

A romance tale nestled in a spy novel.

The Beatles stirred a cultural shift.

book review

‘The Eve of Destruction’ by James T. Patterson

If the digits 1941 and 2001 signify catastrophe and if the digits 1968 summon rebellion and violence, then what does 1965 evoke?

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// The attack on Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor left over 2,400 dead, 68 of them civilians, after waves of Japanese carrier-based fighters and bombers turned the naval base in Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor into an inferno.


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In seven years with the Sox, Pedro Martinez went 117-37. Later with the Mets, he was “pushed too far” with injuries.

Pedro Martinez says he pitched clean for Red Sox

He offered no firm opinion on the Hall of Fame candidacies of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, but said he was clean during the “Steroid Era.”


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Employers added 146,000 jobs in November. A store in San Francisco advertised that it was looking for workers Friday.

Despite drop in jobless rate, concerns remain

Employers added more jobs than expected last month, but the rate of job growth remains so slow that it would take another decade to return to prerecession levels.