Missed chance to stop accused Wakefield abuser

Two early cases against John ­Burbine, who is facing charges of raping and abusing at least a dozen infants and toddlers, went nowhere because the families did not cooperate, officials said.

James Griener (left) and Paul Harris thanked a clerk in Vancouver, Wash. The couple was the first to get a marriage license in Clark County on Thursday morning.

Supreme Court to hear same-sex marriage cases from Calif., N.Y.

It will decide whether same-sex married couples can be deprived of federal benefits, and it will review a state ban on same-sex marriage.

Meningitis outbreak leads N.H. firm to change name

Northern New England Compounding Pharmacy has changed its name to avoid confusion with Framingham firm linked to outbreak.

Who hired Mass. highway safety director remains a mystery

Sheila Burgess, who resigned last month, wrote in her 2007 application that she heard of the opening from Mary Beth Heffernan, now the states’s public safety secretary.

Boris Kulikov

Program trains youth sports coaches to accentuate the positive

CHAMPS Boston, a youth-development program, is responsible for training more than 3,500 coaches working with 75,000 young athletes in the Greater Boston area.

Ellie Callahan’s helicopter has been a yuletide star in Maynard for decades.

In Maynard, a new spin on Santa’s sleigh

The big guy has been flying by helicopter to the Maynard Christmas Parade for two decades.

 As House speaker, Thomas P. O’Neill found his match in President Reagan.

John A. Farrell

Tip’s ‘creative fidelity’

Reflecting on what would be Thomas P. O’Neill’s 100th birthday: At the core of his greatness was authenticity and adaptability.

Ralph Stewart held a vintage silver platter from restaurant Locke-Ober at an auction on Friday.

Locke-Ober auction marks an end to the venerable restaurant

Fond memories brought hundreds to the storied restaurant as items — mirrors, glassware, ashtrays, and table lamps — went on the auction block.

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//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2012/12/05/BostonGlobe.com/Enterprise/Advance/Images/pearl005--90x90.jpg The attack on Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor left over 2,400 dead, 68 of them civilians, after waves of Japanese carrier-based fighters and bombers turned the naval base in Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor into an inferno.


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In seven years with the Sox, Pedro Martinez went 117-37. Later with the Mets, he was “pushed too far” with injuries.

Pedro Martinez says he pitched clean for Red Sox

He offered no firm opinion on the Hall of Fame candidacies of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, but said he was clean during the “Steroid Era.”


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Employers added 146,000 jobs in November. A store in San Francisco advertised that it was looking for workers Friday.

Despite drop in jobless rate, concerns remain

Employers added more jobs than expected last month, but the rate of job growth remains so slow that it would take another decade to return to prerecession levels.