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GOP offers Obama counterproposal in fiscal cliff talks

The counteroffer calls for $800 billion in new revenue, but omits key White House demands such as raising the debt ceiling and tax rates on the wealthiest Americans.

Marcus Hurd

Sole survivor of Mattapan murders testifies at retrial

Marcus Hurd gave a detailed account of the four killings and sparred with a defense attorney, but did not identify the defendant as the shooter.

John Kerry

In sign of gridlock, disability rights treaty stalls

The relatively noncontroversial treaty to give international rights for the disabled, championed in part by Senator John Kerry, has hit an impasse in yet another example of Washington’s partisan divisions.

Retired attorney John Axelrod with his collection of so-called “Loisaida” art; above and flanking the fireplace, three paintings by Martin Wong. The sculptures represent a mix of 20th century American styles.

Keller + Keller

globe magazine

Extreme (art) makeover

Noted collector John Axelrod’s recent gifts to the MFA left him with blank walls. There was only one thing to do: keep searching for new works.

Climate change, Doha

Opinion | The Podium

The voice of the future on climate change

At climate talks in Qatar, currently underway, the future of the species is being negotiated, writes youth delegate Adam Greenberg.


Harvard student shows integrity in acknowledging scientific error

Nathan Georgette discovered an error in a scientific paper he published as a teenager and contacted the journal to have that paper retracted.

The company’s icrochips were placed around an ant for size comparison.

For chip maker, ‘crowdfunding’ computes

Lexington start-up Adapteva raised nearly $900,000 on Kickstarter to fund a new computer that uses a tiny, super-efficient processing chip.