Evidence of brain damage from head injuries mounts

The most extensive examination to date of deceased athletes’ brains shows that most had signs of brain damage after suffering repeated head injuries.

Nathan Stiles (left) had been cleared to play again, his father, Ron, (top right) said.

Youth football player had taken brain injury precautions

Nathan Stiles died during a game in 2010 from a brain bleed that was probably caused by an earlier concussion that hadn’t had time to fully heal.

5,000 students in Mass. will have longer school days

Federal and state officials will announce that Mass. and four other states will begin implementing longer school days for some students next September.

Will LaTulippe lauded Matt Toni at Whitehorse Tavern in Brighton.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Nothing frivolous in duel of bar trivia entrepreneurs

In the battle to seize control of Boston’s bar trivia industry, Denver upstart Geeks Who Drink stole star trivia jockey Will LaTulippe from local company Stump Trivia.

Longing to farm in Mass.? A service finds land

The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project finds suitable land and introduces property owners to future tenants.

Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo puts the wraps on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill for a key fourth-quarter sack on third down that forced Miami to settle for a field goal.


Patriots 23, Dolphins 16

Patriots beat Dolphins, clinch AFC East title

New England was able to sew up its fourth straight AFC East title and 10th of the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era with a 23-16 win.

Patriots quarterback TomBrady is wrapped up by Dolphins safety Reshad Jones.

Dan Shaughnessy

Patriots get ugly win, and another title, for spoiled fans

We expected the Patriots to dominate the Dolphins and capture the AFC East crown. But they did not dominate. They merely won.

Congressional Republicans and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, the lead negotiator for the White House, used the Sunday television news shows to shore up their positions and blame the other side for the impasse.

Timothy Geithner, GOP dig in on tax rates

The Treasury secretary said Republicans were blocking compromise by refusing to let tax cuts for wealthy American expire as scheduled on Dec. 31.

juliette kayyem

The world does not revolve around Benghazi

While politicians in Washington have focused on Benghazi and its aftermath, global affairs have carried on, including events in the Arctic.

Old South Church voted on Sunday.

Old South Church votes to sell historic psalm book

The church will sell one of its two copies of a 1640 Bay Psalm Book, a rare text that specialists say could fetch $10 million to $20 million at auction.