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Hampshire starts fund for undocumented immigrants

The private liberal arts college in Amherst has created a financial aid endowment that so far has $300,000 in donations from alumni, parents, and recent graduates.

// Former ambassador Ryan Crocker arrested in DUI

The former ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan is facing hit-and-run and intoxicated driving charges in Washington state.

Christy Mihos plans tell-all book

Mihos claims the book gives an inside story of the Big Dig, attacks Mitt Romney, and addresses the former gubernatorial candidate’s recent personal troubles.

Cape Wind to purchase Falmouth marina

East Marine on Falmouth Harbor would serve as the maintenance hub for the turbines once they are built. The purchase is contingent on financing for the project.

Movie Review

‘Cosmopolis’: When Robert Pattinson wants his hair cut

In search of a haircut, an impossibly rich young man riding in an impossibly elaborate limo tries to cross an impossibly congested Manhattan.

Video | Take 2

Cosmopolis fascinating, but don’t bring expectations

Mark Feeney and Janice Page tackle the latest movie from director David Cronenberg, “Cosmopolis,” in this edition of Take 2.

“With EleVen, I’m trying to make things that look good on everyone,” says Williams.


Venus Williams serves up new fashion line

With her fashion line EleVen, Williams is scaling back her previous attempts to turn the tennis court into a runway.


Obama has been too slow to name federal judges

President Obama’s strategy has been to nominate centrist candidates, but that doesn’t fully account for his failure to put forward a full slate of jurists.

December 1891: A photo submitted by Globe reader John C. Parsons of Dedham in 1964 showed a double-decked street car operated by the West End Railway Co., which ran from North Avenue, Cambridge, to North Stable, afterward known as the North Cambridge barn. The upper deck had a roof, but no sides. The West End Railway founded in 1887 was the preeminent street car system for the Greater Boston area. In 1897, the West End Railway was integrated into the Boston Elevated Railway.

From the Archives | Photo gallery

The T and its predecessors

Private railroads and horse-drawn streetcar companies served the transportation needs of Boston and outlying towns for decades before the MBTA accepted its first token.


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Jonathan Fanene, who signed a lucrative three-year deal with a sizable signing bonus, was just cut by the Patriots.

Questions remain about Jonathan Fanene

How much did the Patriots know about Fanene’s injury? And will they be able to recoup some of the $3.85m signing bonus they gave him in March.


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Microsoft unveiled a new corporate logo at the store opening in the Prudential Center Thursday.

Microsoft opens Boston store

Hundreds gathered for the 10 a.m. opening of Microsoft’s new Prudential Center store. As the crowd pushed in, they were greeted with high-fives from the enthusiastic staff.