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City Council narrowly passes redistricting plan

The Boston City Council voted 7-6 to approve a redistricting plan that has come under fire for diluting the political influence of the city’s minorities.

Study defines link between father’s age and autism

The findings may suggest that dads-to-be should consider collecting their sperm at a young age and storing it for later use, researchers wrote.

With retail store, Microsoft continues quest for a fan base

The store is part of Microsoft’s effort to create a new image — sleek, stylish, and customer-friendly.

Fed says additional stimulus may be needed

Many Federal Reserve policy makers said additional stimulus would probably be needed soon unless the economy shows signs of a durable pickup.

// MGM holds ‘coming out party’ for Springfield casino

MGM Resorts announced its plans for an $800 million Springfield casino amid a festive atmosphere that included costumed Cirque Du Soleil performers.

“With EleVen, I’m trying to make things that look good on everyone,” says Williams.

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Venus Williams serves up new fashion line

With her fashion line EleVen, Williams is scaling back her previous attempts to turn the tennis court into a runway.

// How I got awesome

When the Globe’s Michael Brodeur joined “Awesome Camp,” he was assured his body would change. The biggest changes, however, would happen where no one could see them.

Competition fierce in Mass. for software talent

The technology sector has added 3,300 computer engineering and Web development jobs since the beginning of this year, 50 percent more than in the same period in 2011.

Miranda Landry, 35, and her nephew, Kenneth DeJordy, 19, stood outside her late parents’ home in Westfield.

Family remembers drowned couple for life of devotion

Daniel and Patricia Cyr drowned while apparently trying to rescue their dog from a pond in Westfield Monday evening. Above, the couple’s family mourned the loss.

Howard Kendrick of the Angels rounded first base in the sixth after hitting a home run off Clay Buchholz.

Angels 7, red sox 3

Red Sox lose again at home

Clay Buchholz, who has been the Red Sox’ best pitcher recently, gave up seven runs in 5 1/3 innings as the Sox fell to 29-36 at home this season.


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“I will not support a phased-in casino,” the mayor said in a Globe interview Tuesday. “The product that is right for us in Boston is a full ­resort destination that provides complete economic development for the area.”

Menino objects to phasing in casino at track

Mayor Menino is objecting to plans by Suffolk Downs to develop its proposed $1 billion casino resort in phases, with slots and table games coming first and resort-style amenities later.


Presidential race a dead heat

A new round of recent polling shows President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney deadlocked.

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