Mass. teacher rating systems are lagging

All but a few districts will probably miss a state deadline to implement a new teacher evaluation system that would put a major emphasis on student achievement, according to officials.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney greeted supporters at a rally Monday in Manchester, N.H.

Mitt Romney showing his Mormon faith

The GOP candidate’s decision to open up his church visit to the press on Sunday was the most notable in a series of recent efforts to reveal more about his faith.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan at their forum on Monday at St. Anselm College.


Romney, Ryan blast Obama’s health care law

Campaigning in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan also said the GOP ticket would be more likely to put Medicare on sounder financial footing.

Akin refuses to quit Senate race after rape comments

Missouri Republican Todd Akin apologized for declaring that women’s bodies are able to prevent pregnancies after ‘‘a legitimate rape,’’ but won’t exit the race.

Bobby Valentine (second right) with coach Bob McClure. They were at odds before McClure was fired Monday.

Nick Wass/Associated Press

Communication gaps bedeviling the Red Sox

What was once a model organization is now marked by distrust and the inability of team executives, coaches, and players to work cohesively.

Trainers tend to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who took a shot to the ribs in the first quarter and didn’t return to action. X-rays were negative.

Christoper L. Gasper

Patriots defense answers few questions against Eagles

With Eagles quarterback Michael Vick leaving the game early because of an injury, we lost an opportunity to see how far the Patriots have come.

Handyman extraordinaire JP Davis is indispensible.

Brockton handyman makes his mark at competition

This year, JP Davis locked wrenches with 3,000 of America’s top tinkerers and made the final 20 of an event that is something like the Handyman Olympics.

Jason Santos, chef and owner of Blue Inc. in Boston, discussed Restaurant Week preparation with his sous chef, Brad Shannon.

Restaurant Week a balance of cost, quality

Rising food prices make offering bargains during Restaurant Week difficult, but restaurants and chefs participating in the promotional event say it’s still worth it.

A TSA agent checked a passenger who chose not to go through a scanner at Logan Airport in 2010.

TSA to expand training at Logan Airport

Transportation Security Administration agents at Logan will be given further training following internal complaints of racial profiling of passengers.


Scott Brown was among the first Republicans to call on Todd Akin to quit.

Brown condemns Rep. Akin’s rape comments

Senator Brown called on Rep. Todd Akin to withdraw from the US Senate race in Missouri, after Akin suggested that women’s bodies can somehow prevent pregnancy in cases of rape.

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Philip Covington is using a voucher to help send his son Giovanni to a private school in Indianopolis.

Indiana public schools try to stem impact of vouchers

Struggling Indiana public school districts are campaigning to persuade parents not to move their children to private schools as the nation’s largest voucher program doubles in size.


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Book Review

Neal Stephenson

‘Some Remarks’ By Neal Stephenson

The latest book from the “Snow Crash” author is a rather haphazard but consistently intriguing collection of essays, short fiction, interviews, and ephemera.


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G Force

Amy Sohn explores parenting and infidelity through her fiction

The former New York Magazine “Mating” columnist, and author of “Prospect Park West” spoke about parenthood, marriage, and of staying out of your children’s dramas.