Warren, Brown’s no third-party ad pledge holds

A pact between Senator Brown and Elizabeth Warren to prevent third-party ads in the Mass. Senate race has survived, to the amazement of partisans around the US.

Rabbi Barry Silver, who leads a reform synagogue in Lake Worth, Fla., says he has noticed less support for the president.

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Obama’s vital Jewish backing slips in Florida

The stagnant economy and Obama’s Middle East policy are the main reasons the president is losing Jewish support in the swing state, according to activists and demographers.

Carl Crawford backpedals to the warning track to haul in a ball hit by Eric Chavez to end the first.

Dan Shaughnessy

It’s time for Red Sox to look to the future

No one is going to hammer the organization if it starts making moves with an eye toward 2013. This starts with letting Carl Crawford have his Tommy John surgery.

Woman donates kidney to former mother-in-law

When she learned the mother of her former husband needed a kidney, Erica Arsenault immediately volunteered to find out if she were a compatible donor.

Gift of kidney restores a frayed link

No one expected that Erica Arsenault would be the one to step up and make such a sacrifice for her former mother-in-law, Dorothy Wolferseder.

Adrian Walker

Desperate for answers after shocking murders

At a community meeting in Dorchester held after the murders of three young women last week, the responses from officials were as predictable as the outrage was fresh.

Kevin Kit Parker, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and a professor at Harvard, chatted with Springfield police Lieutenant Rupert Daniel.

To counter gangs, Springfield adopts tactics from war zones

US soldiers’ strategies to stop insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have found a new application in an odd place: the tough neighborhoods of Springfield.

Airlines cut deeper into standard legroom

Legroom is going the way of checked bags, in-flight meals, and pillows — once-free amenities that now come at a cost.

Before returning to treatment, former Army bomb technician Brian Sullivan used a smartphone app to cope with PTSD.

G Cover

Using technology to help battle PTSD

Veterans are finding new allies in their fight against war-induced post-traumatic stress disorder: online programs and mobile phone apps.


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Yankees 4, Red Sox 1

Yankees’ Ichiro Suzuki makes his way around the bases after the first of his two homers.

Yankees leave Josh Beckett, Red Sox reeling

After Sunday’s loss, the Red Sox are 13½ games behind the Yankees in the AL East and 7½ games out in the wild-card race with 40 games left.


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Kanagala Seshadri Rao was killed on April 19 in Allston.

Father assails Allston slaying inquiry

The father of a slain BU graduate student from India said he has asked diplomats to press police for an arrest and voiced worry that the April case is losing momentum.


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Danny Chan, owner of Aqua World Seafood Corp., unloads bags of conchs.

Conch fishery lucrative but imperiled

Fishermen in southern New England have been so successful that state officials now say that unless measures are implemented, the industry will be in danger of collapse.


Political Notebook

Joe Biden said the GOP was “going to put y’all back in chains.’’

Obama campaign supports Joe Biden on comment

The Obama campaign offered no apology Sunday for the vice president’s “chains” remark, refusing even to call it a poor choice of words.

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Tony Scott was known for his hyper-kinetic action and editing on such films as his most recent, the runaway train thriller ‘‘Unstoppable,’’ starring regular collaborator Denzel Washington.

Director Tony Scott dies after jumping off bridge

Mr. Scott, director of such Hollywood hits as ‘‘Top Gun’’ and ‘‘Beverly Hills Cop II,’’ died Sunday after jumping from a Los Angeles County bridge, authorities said.


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Art Review

A still from the video “Drawing a Line With the Tide.”

In ‘water, water,’ a collaborative ebb and flow

The mother-daughter artist team of Sarah Hollis Perry and Rachel Perry Welty take collaboration as one of their themes for their show at the Cape Ann Museum.

Health and wellness

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Should junk food be regulated like alcohol?

Public health officials now believe that our environment, with its cheap and constant supply of high-calorie junk food, makes it nearly impossible to avoid overeating.