Army morale declines in survey

Only a quarter of officers and enlisted soldiers believe the nation’s largest military branch is headed in the right direction — a survey response that is the lowest on record.

Elizabeth Warren began exploring bankruptcy law, and making a name for herself, at the University of Texas School of Law.

Tarlton Law Library/University of texas school of law/File 1986

Elizabeth Warren’s politics rooted in academia

Fueled by original scholarship and singular ambition, Warren’s bold, barbed ascent to the pinnacle of the legal profession shattered tradition.

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Daly Field in Brighton is not our land

Daly Field’s 8.6 acres along the Charles River are pretty ugly, but not as ugly as the way this public land is being turned over to a private institution.

Living with screens

Tablets, iPhones and laptops invade the family vacation

Togetherness is increasingly no match for screens of all kinds, but are the benefits of vacationing as a family lessened if each person is physically present but mentally elsewhere?


Campers talk about need for electronic devices

For some, they’re a necessity, but others feel they take away from the enjoyment of special moments.

// More executives unplug from work while vacationing

As the economy improves and the toll of never truly escaping the office increases, a quiet BlackBerry backlash is mounting.

Search and rescue dog Kali is specially trained to locate reptiles and amphibians. Kali was given the scent of a turtle to prepare for the search. The turtle shown is not Zeke.

Hunt for rogue pet turtle is slow going

For 31 years, Zeke and owner Debbie Young shared a laid-back lifestyle until, on July 30, the pet slipped out a screen door in Beverly and unleashed an ongoing North Shore turtle hunt.

Dan Shaughnessy

Jon Lester is a keeper for Red Sox

We can debate the merits of keeping Bobby Valentine, Josh Beckett, John Lackey, and other misfits of the wreckage of 2012, but there can be no doubt about Lester.


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Red Sox 4, Yankees 1

Jon Lester won consecutive decisions for the first time since May 14 and 19.

Red Sox defeat Yankees, 4-1

Jon Lester was in complete control for seven innings, the bullpen was close to perfect, and Adrian Gonzalez hit an important home run.

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Brenda and Chuck Isaacson only got partial help with in vitro fertilization from their VA medical insurance.

Bill would expand fertility coverage for veterans

New legislation would specifically authorize the VA to cover in vitro fertilization and to pay for procedures now provided for some critically injured active-duty soldiers.


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Stop-motion animation holds its own

It has nothing to do with drawing and there’s often nary a computer in sight. Yet this old-school style appears to be the latest craze in feature films.


‘Diaries’ by George Orwell, edited by Peter Davison

Orwell diaries reveal little of the personal in favor of chronicling his times and his experiences from farming to mining to — oh, yes — writing, too.