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Robert Adams’s Western exposures

“Colorado Springs, Colorado,’’ 1968.

Robert Adams

The English professor used his camera to capture images of the man-made and the natural in the US frontier.


Stop-motion animation holds its own

It has nothing to do with drawing and there’s often nary a computer in sight. Yet this old-school style appears to be the latest craze in feature films.

“Higglety Pigglety Pop!” had its East Coast premiere.

Third ear

At Tanglewood, sounds of the new

Tanglewood’s annual Festival of Contemporary Music concluded with the East Coast premiere of Oliver Knussen’s opera “Higglety Pigglety Pop!,” with a libretto by Maurice Sendak.

President Barack Obama visited Windham High School in Windham, N.H., on Saturday.

In N.H., Obama derides rivals’ Medicare plans

Campaigning in New Hampshire today, President Obama criticized Paul Ryan’s proposal to transform Medicare into a voucher system.

 Paul Ryan isn’t the first polician to ditch the tie.

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Say goodbye to the tie

Paul Ryan may not succeed in ending Medicare as we know it, but he might be the death knell for the necktie, writes Tom Keane.

Jon Lester got the win Saturday.

red sox 4, yankees 1

Red Sox bounce back in the Bronx

Saturday’s 4-1 victory against the Yankees was exactly what the Red Sox envisioned when they gathered for spring training seven months ago.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi spoke at a news conference in this July 13, 2012, file photo.

Egypt’s president to visit Iran

President Mohammed Morsi will attend a summit there at the end of the month, the first such visit in decades, an Egyptian presidential official said.


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Red Sox Notebook

A less-than-happy Bobby Valentine heads to the mound after a Derek Jeter home run.

Ortiz stands by Red Sox manager Valentine

David Ortiz defended Bobby Valentine, saying he should not be fired. That some of his teammates may not support Valentine is incidental, according to Ortiz.


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The Roads to Summer

Those who visit Walden Pond point to its spiritual feeling. “It helps you be mindful, to live in the moment. It helps you come back to yourself,” said Margrit Romang. who swims there frequently.

Walden Pond’s quiet still a lure for many

A place where history runs deep and the mind takes flight, Walden draws residents and tourists through much of the year, and the park regularly reaches its capacity during the summer.

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