Obama to blast rivals’ Medicare plan in New Hampshire

“Some of us need help more than others,” said Florence Wheeler, 67, who has emphysema and a tube in her nostrils. “If I need a certain amount of money a year, what if I go over the limit?”

Cheryl Senter for The Boston Globe

When President Obama visits Windham and Rochester on Saturday, he will raise the specter of radical Medicare change proposed by US Representative Paul D. Ryan

Boston hair stylist Kelly Francoeur’s cellphone number has a Connecticut area code, though she lives in Revere.

Phone area codes say increasingly less about where people live

Several factors have combined to create a growing mismatch between where people live and their area codes.

Red Sox owner John Henry, left, and team president Larry Lucchino before a game at Fenway Park.

dan shaughnessy

Red Sox are hard to believe

The events of the past few days have shown, once again, that the Red Sox brass simply cannot just tell the truth.

Don Therrien

G cover

7 of the most obsessed superfans in all of Boston sports

Later this month, ESPN will choose 10 finalists for the inaugural class of its Hall of Fans. Here are seven local fanatics who ought to make the cut.

Colleges boosting financial aid to students

Many colleges in the Boston area and beyond are trying to help offset rising ­tuition costs this fall, building on efforts that have accelerated since the recession.

During Ramadan, the  month of fasting, Muslims gathered at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

Bill Greene/Globe staff

Ramadan offers Muslims time for reflection

Ramadan, ending Sunday, is an inward, austere, demanding season, a special challenge for young Muslims living in the age of Facebook.

Bankruptcies wane as US relearns how to save

Personal bankruptcy filings fell 13 percent in the first half of the year and are down nearly 20 percent over the past two years nationwide. Massachusetts has recorded an even steeper decline.

Cailin Currie used an iPad at a grocery to translate bar codes into product information.

At ‘app camp,’ visually impaired teens get tech lessons

Students at the Newton-based Carroll Center learned how to use features for the blind on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.


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The Roads to Summer

Those who visit Walden Pond point to its spiritual feeling. “It helps you be mindful, to live in the moment. It helps you come back to yourself,” said Margrit Romang. who swims there frequently.

Walden Pond’s quiet still a lure for many

A place where history runs deep and the mind takes flight, Walden draws residents and tourists through much of the year, and the park regularly reaches its capacity during the summer.


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Vertex Pharmaceuticals is expected to benefit from a new recommendation.

Hepatitis C testing may lift Vertex’s market

A new federal guideline recommending all baby boomers be tested could expand the market for treatments made by Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. and other drug makers by up to 80 percent.

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Stage Review

A scene from “All Shook Up,” a celebration of Elvis Presley music.

Elvis lives on in high-energy, goofy musical theater tribute

This celebration of Elvis Presley music wrapped in a goofy fairy tale gets a high-energy production at the North Shore Music Theatre.