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In 2010, Paul Ryan denied appealing for stimulus funds

After seeking millions of dollars in 2009 from a federal stimulus program he opposed, Paul Ryan appeared on a Boston radio program a year later and denied lobbying for the aid.

Romney says he paid at least 13% in taxes the past 10 years

Mitt Romney responded to accusations that he paid no taxes some years, but declined again to release the tax returns that would confirm his claim.

I-95 reopens after power line mishap

Interstate 95 near the Interstate 295 exit in Attleboro reopened more than two hours after officials closed it when power lines fell on the road.

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Maine baseball bat maker virtually a one-man operation

Jesse LaCasse cuts down trees and turns them into baseball bats, but can’t get Major League Baseball to accept his product.


‘Let’s head out in the woods and get some baseball bats’

See how Jesse LaCasse turns trees into baseball bats at his Maine workshop.

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones costar in “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” a romantic comedy that Jones co-wrote with Will McCormack.

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‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’ is smart, funny

This mostly charming LA comedy-drama, co-written by star Rashida Jones, offers a warm, slightly blinkered insider’s eye to the city and its neighborhoods.

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Tony Conigliaro, the would-be legend

On Aug. 18, 1967, the young Red Sox star was hit in the head by a pitch, derailing a career many saw headed for stardom.

Aly Raisman

Hundreds turn out to greet Aly Raisman

The gold medal-winning gymnast received a welcome return at her training gym in Burlington.



Ryan Higginson sports a casual look while hanging at Emerald Lounge with Megan Demianiuk (left) and Jill Miller.

Hot spots try to get guys to improve their style

In Boston, where pulling on a clean Tom Brady jersey counts as dressing up for a lot of guys, a handful of restaurant and bar owners around the city are trying to turn that around.