Paul Ryan’s early self-reliance laid ground for conservatism

Paul Ryan and his wife Janna Ryan appeared at a campaign rally with Mitt Romney Saturday in Manassas, Va., following the announcement that Ryan will be Romney's vice presidential running mate.

T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

Ryan’s rise to becoming Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president was so swift and steady it seems scripted. But unlike Romney’s, his path was hardly preordained.

Just weeks before the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney unveiled his pick for running mate, Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman who has proposed changes to Medicare.

Romney taps Ryan, shakes up race

Mitt Romney chose US Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate, a potentially race-defining move that rockets one of the Republican Party’s young leaders to prominence.

Young illegal immigrants may seek reprieves amid questions

The state has yet to clarify if successful applicants for deportation reprieves would qualify for driver’s licenses and resident tuition.

Egypt president orders defense minister retirement

Egypt’s president has ordered the defense minister and chief of staff to retire and has canceled the military-declared constitutional amendments that gave top generals wide powers, a spokesman said.

Bob Ryan | his farewell column

Bob Ryan says goodbye after 44 years

Ryan started as a summer intern in 1968, fulfilled a fantasy of working for the Boston Globe, and now bids farewell to readers.

Kevin Craddock, a recovering addict, says “I’ve been around the legal system a lot, but never like this.”

Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

Boston’s Homeless Court helps defendants get a fresh start

The program aims to serve the unique needs of indigent defendants who often find themselves cycling through the court system for minor offenses.

From left to right: Kayla Harrison, Missy Franklin, Gabby Douglas and Kerri Walsh were just some of the brilliant faces for the US.

On Olympics

Investment in gender equity pays off for US

Four decades after the introduction of Title IX, the US women have turned the London Olympics into the “Girl Games,” winning more gold medals than the entire Russian and British teams.


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He seems to have boundless energy, but even Bobby Valentine needs a break. This is not a nap, though — just a pause before he makes out the Red Sox lineup for a game vs. the Twins.

Bobby Valentine packs a lot into 24 hours

Behind the scenes with the sleep-deprived, 62-year-old Red Sox manager on a day that includes the Pan-Mass Challenge, lunch with fans, a speech, and a baseball game.


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Fans of ‘Jaws’ traveled from all over to Martha’s Vineyard, where the film was shot. Kaitlyn Crichton of Canada posed at an exhibit.

‘Jaws’ draws fans of the 1975 classic to Martha’s Vineyard for festival

“Jaws” fanatics have descended on the island, where the classic was filmed, gathering in packs of diehards to hunt down actors from the movie and prowl locations where scenes were shot.


News analysis

Paul Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee and has proposed changes in Medicare and Medicaid.

Selection of Paul Ryan may add substance to campaign

By picking Ryan, Mitt Romney is embracing a strategy focused on some very detailed, and in some quarters, highly controversial solutions to the nation’s fiscal problems.

Nation & World

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The National Park Service hopes to reopen the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to the public by the end of this month.

Lincoln reflecting pool rehab nears completion

Within the next few weeks, two powerful underground pumps roar into action and pump millions of gallons of water into the redesigned pool, which has been dry for 20 months.


Contemporary art at Santralistanbul, the former power plant turned industrial archeology and art museum.

Journey to Istanbul’s Santralistanbul

Turkey’s first industrial archeology museum, Santralistanbul, aims to promote contemporary Turkish art while teaching visitors something about the production of electrical power.