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How Bain Capital is trying — reluctantly — to clean up its name

Bain Capital, with $65 billion in assets, has been squarely in the political limelight ever since Mitt Romney’s Republican primary rivals began knocking his private-sector background as “vulture capitalism.”

William Duke

Mitt Romney’s political foes are going to great lengths to make Bain the boogeyman of the 2012 race. The Boston private equity firm is fighting back — but only to a point.

Artistic director Diana Coluntino in the doorway of the Revolving Museum, the art space in Lowell that closed last month.

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The Revolving Museum comes to a stop

The museum, which moved to Lowell 10 years ago with great fanfare, is closing its doors on a colorful past.

Brian McGrory

Troopers reunite mother, missing daughter

For a mother, it was a miracle at Logan last week when State Police reunited a family that had lost all hope. For the troopers, it was all in a day’s work.

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Brown demands Warren repay taxpayers for mailings

Senator Scott Brown wants Elizabeth Warren to pay the state the $276,000 spent to mail thousands of voter registration forms to welfare recipients.

Opinion | scot lehigh

Who’s a better leader?

Breaking down the bipartisan efforts, outspokenness, independence, and productivity of Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

Exeter Hospital cited in hepatitis outbreak

Government investigators have cited the New Hampshire hospital for violations in infection control that may have contributed to the spread of hepatitis C.

The first step when construction resumes on 45 acres of former railyards will be building a 19-floor residential and retail tower.

Construction of NorthPoint mini-city to resume

A new team plans to resume construction on the long-stalled Cambridge development, which would include a retail plaza and office towers.

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