Suspect in Sikh temple shooting was Army veteran

The 40-year-old man suspected of killing six people before police shot him dead at a Wisconsin temple was the one-time leader of a white supremacist band, according to a civil rights group.

Riad Hijab

Syrian prime minister defects, flees to Jordan

Riad Hijab is the highest-level government official to defect since the uprising against President Bashar Assad’s authoritarian rule began 17 months ago.

US general asks cut in nuclear stockpile

The Air Force chief says the backup arsenal is more than the nation needs and is steadily becoming more expensive to maintain and secure.

Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad has run the state’s rail system since 2003, earning it more than $1 billion.

Suzanne Kreiter/globe staff files

Only 2 bidders for Mass. commuter rail pact

The lack of competition for the $1 billion-plus contract to operate the state’s commuter rail system is raising concerns that costs could increase or services could weaken for commuters.

Daniel Montalvo, with his wife, Marina, and two daughters, does not have insurance. He is a manager at Salon Hispano in Woodbridge, Va., and is shopping around for coverage.


Romney slams health law in ads aimed at Latinos

The Republican’s vow to end “Obamacare’’ is a bold and risky message he continues to deliver to Latino voters, who overwhelmingly back the federal health care law.

NASA rover lands successfully on Mars

The robotic explorer steered itself to a gentle landing inside a giant crater for the most ambitious dig yet into the red planet’s past.

US judo fighter expelled from Olympics for doping

Nick Delpopolo, who finished 7th in his competition, said he unintentionally ate something before the games that had been baked with marijuana.

Gabby Douglas failed to medal on Monday.

Douglas fails to medal in uneven bars

The winner of the gold medal in the gymnastics all-around, Douglas finished last in the uneven bars competition Monday. Aliya Mustafina of Russia won gold.

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Book Review

“Monkey Mind” by Daniel Smith.

‘Monkey Mind’ by Daniel Smith

The memoir, which chronicles the author’s long struggle with chronic anxiety, puts a spin on it that elicits both absurd hilarity and deep compassion.

Health and wellness

G Force

“The pharmaceutical industry is basically giving up and throwing in the towel,” Dr. Steven E. Hyman said. “Their exit is both a symptom of the difficulty and a problem.”

Learning how to treat mental disorders

Dr. Steven E. Hyman, a neuroscientist and former Harvard provost, now directs the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute.