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Annan to step down as Syria envoy

Kofi Annan has submitted his resignation as special envoy to Syria, saying he plans to step down effective Aug. 31.

// Wakefield’s Harrison wins judo gold

The 22-year-old American claimed the first-ever gold medal for the US in judo.

People lined up outside Needham town hall on Thursday.

Anticipation builds for Aly Raisman’s performance

People flocked to Needham town hall and Raisman’s grandmother woke up early as they prepared for the gymnast to compete in the all-around competition.

Patrick signs crime bill in State House ceremony

Governor Patrick held a private signing ceremony to enact a law that removes the possibility of parole for certain repeat offenders.

July 31, 1973: A rescue worker stood next to a section of Flight 723’s charred fuselage. All 89 people aboard the wrecked Delta Airlines DC-9 jet, which crashed at Boston's Logan Airport, died. In the background, other planes prepared to take off.  The flight that preceded Flight 723 had made a successful approach and landed in the fog on runway 4R and the two flights that followed Flight 723, without knowledge of the accident, abandoned their approaches at the decision height because of weather. Those flights both landed safely in Providence, R.I.

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Flight 723: Boston’s worst plane crash in history

On July 31, 1973, a Delta Airlines DC-9 crashed after hitting a seawall while landing at Logan Airport. All 89 people aboard died, including the lone survivor who died months later in the hospital.


J. Geils sues the members of the J. Geils Band

The suit is a sign the relationship between Geils and other members of the band, who announced they will tour without him, may be broken beyond repair.

// Ex-headmaster’s staff say problems were known

Rodney Peterson, the Boston headmaster allowed to keep his job after assaulting his wife, was chronically absent from work and struggling with personal bankruptcy.

// Burlington Chick-fil-A swamped on ‘Appreciation Day’

Hundreds jammed into the Burlington Mall’s food court Wednesday to support the chain in the wake of controversial comments by the company’s CEO.


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Kristen Stewart apologized for her affair with director Rupert Sanders.

Coming clean ASAP

In an age of instant news, crisis management teams are telling their celebrity clients they no longer have the luxury of crafting the perfect response to a scandal.