Abuse allegations surface at Beverly school

The Landmark School has launched an inquiry into claims by two former students that the same administrator at the private residential school groped them.

“It’s not a perfect bill, it’s not a comprehensive bill, but it does some good,” Governor Patrick told reporters after he toured a ­Roxbury nonprofit group that seeks to reduce youth violence.

Patrick to sign crime bill, calls it imperfect

Governor Patrick, under intense pressure from police and victims’ relatives, said that he would sign legislation that removes the possibility of parole for certain repeat offenders.

In 2000, Les Gosule reached out to lawmakers, trying to interest them in a bill that would eliminate the option of parole for certain serial offenders. “This took a lot of door walking,” he recalled Tuesday.

For father of slain woman, 13-year fight finally ends

Since his daughter Melissa’s murder in 1999, Leo Gosule has pushed for a proposal that would bar parole for certain ­repeat felons. Tuesday, he learned that “Melissa’s Bill” will become law.

In Jerusalem, Mitt Romney commented on how Israel is a “pretty healthy nation” while comparing health costs in that heavily regulated system with those in the United States.

In a twist, Romney lauds Israeli health care system

The Republican raised eyebrows by praising a system that has more government control than the Obama health law Romney so strenuously faults.

Copies of “Imagine: How Creativity Works” at Harvard Book Store.


Fabrications acknowledged, a bestseller is withdrawn

In an unusual move, the publisher of Jonah Lehrer’s “Imagine: How Creativity Works” has pulled the book from shelves, prompted by Lehrer’s admission to having fabricated quotes.

Brian McGrory

Banking on kindness at the MBTA

Globe columnist Brian McGrory was surprised to hear from a reader about a good Samaritan at the MBTA — the agency of fare hikes and late trains — but it turned out to be true.

Needham is planning a celebration for Aly Raisman (and her gold medal) when she returns home from London.

Olympian Aly Raisman inspires local gymnasts

Young gymnasts at Exxcel Gymnastics and Climbing, where the US gymnastics team captain got her start, never doubted the US team would win gold.

Michael Phelps kisses his record-setting gold medal won in the 4x200 freestyle relay, giving him 19 in his Olympic career.

Bob Ryan

Michael Phelps shows mettle, earns Olympic glory

Anchoring the 4 x 200 freestyle relay, Phelps gave the US another gold medal and made himself the most decorated Olympian in history with 19 medals.


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Red Sox 4, Tigers 1

Pedro Ciriaco was welcomed to the dugout after scoring on an error by Tigers second baseman Omar Infante in the fourth inning.

Red Sox win rain-shortened game

Josh Beckett left the game with an injury to his back in the third, but the Red Sox scored four runs off of Justin Verlander in the fourth, and after a rain delay in the sixth, officials called it.


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Mayor Thomas M. Menino, shown on Tuesday, will undergo surgery Wednesday to fix his droopy upper eyelids.

Mayor Menino having surgery on eyelids

Mayor Menino is scheduled to undergo surgery Wednesday to repair drooping eyelids, a medical condition that has slowly obscured his vision.