Music is now a lifeline for ailing opera singer

Illness has derailed Quincy-born Barbara Quintiliani’s promising career, forcing her to miss months of performances. That’s why her upcoming gig is so important.


Act One of Barbara Quintiliani's story

(Boston Globe) Quincy-born soprano Barbara Quintiliani is known for her spectacular voice, has sung at the White House, and won prestigious competitions, overcoming a mountain of adversity. by Darren Durlach

Ranjon Rondo enters the playoffs on a run of 24 consecutive double-figure assist games.

Bob Ryan

Surprising Celtics ready to take on Hawks

It’s Year 5 of the three-year plan, and even its architect is not sure what to make of what’s going on with the Celtics.

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and reliever Vicente Padilla met on the mound in the eighth inning against the Chicago White Sox Saturday.

On Baseball

Pen is writing a new script for Red Sox

The Sox bullpen might have had its finest hour of the season, combining for two scoreless innings to protect a 1-0 lead for Jon Lester.

Why I stayed in Boston

Has Boston moved beyond its racially turbulent past? We asked five minority leaders why they decided to build their lives here.

Nathaniel Raymond, Brittany Card, Isaac Baker, Ziad Al Achkar, Jody Heck, Vincenzo Bollettino, Luis Capelo, Caitlin Howarth, Benjamin Davies, and Sunetra Bane.

globe magazine

Inside Harvard’s spy lab

How a team of Harvard geeks is using a satellite — plus a little help from George Clooney — to rewrite the rules of humanitarianism.

Part 1

Use of antipsychotic drugs raises alarm

Federal data obtained by the Globe show many nursing homes make heavy use of antipsychotic drugs to pacify residents.

Searchable database

Antipsychotic drug use by US nursing homes

The Globe has compiled a database of every US nursing home, showing their use of antipsychotic drugs, registered-nurse staffing, and percentages of residents with behavioral problems.

Obama aide mum on whether US is protecting activist

The activist escaped house arrest in China last week and might be hiding in the US embassy in Beijing, according to reports.

Yvonne Abraham

A look at how far we’ve come on race — and yet must go

Boston College alum Mark Dullea wants his alma mater’s transgressions against its first black football player — and its own values — made right.

Shale gas boom has benefits and risks

A proposal to expand a major local pipeline has sparked a debate pitting economics against environment, industry against community, and sometimes neighbor against neighbor.


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Avery Bradley carves out starting role with Celtics

Bradley has distinguished himself as a pest of a defender at every level, from elementary school to the University of Texas to the Celtics’ starting lineup.


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Innovation Economy

What if? The question that powers Boston’s innovation economy

In academic labs, at start-ups and non-profits, and within corporate walls, teams of exceptionally smart people hunt for ways to render the impossible possible.

Nation & World

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Packing adrenaline, curiosity, folly in Guatemala

David Abel’s journey into the jungle began on the coast of the volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan and took him from the old colonial capital of Antigua to the capital of Guatemala City.