Outlook for Social Security’s finances worsens

The program will run out of money in 2033, three years sooner than previously expected, because of high energy prices and the tepid economy.

Cody Ross hit a two-run home run in the seventh inning to tie the game at 5, and a solo home run in the ninth to give the Red Sox the win.

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Boston 6, Minnesota 5

Red Sox win on Ross’ late heroics

Cody Ross hit a two-run home run to tie the game in the seventh, and a solo shot to win it in the ninth for the Red Sox.

Obama, Romney call to keep student loan interest rates low

President Obama and Mitt Romney both said on Monday that Congress should act to prevent the interest rate on students loans from doubling next school year.

South Boston stabbing

DA: Robbery was motive in murder of S. Boston woman

At the arraignment today of 26-year-old Timothy Kostka, authorities said that he was intent on robbing valuable fishing gear from 67-year-old Barbara Coyne before she was killed.

Carrie Moyer’s “Frieze’’ (2009), acrylic and glitter on canvas, from “Interstellar’’ at the Worcester Art Museum.


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Art that pulls you in

Carrie Moyer’s paintings at the Worcester Art Museum are abstract works that undulate, simmer, and glow; they seem to inhale, and they might seduce.

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Tooth Fairy economics

How much is a tooth worth these days? Some parents feel pressure to give an amount equal to their child’s peers. It’s keeping up with the Fairy Joneses.

On baseball

Red Sox players should get the most blame

There are a lot of people to blame for the bad start, but those getting off the easiest deserve the most scorn -- the players.

G Force

A voice that inspires

Justin Hines, a Canadian singer-songwriter who has a top-30 hit on the Billboard charts, is considered a role model for others with disabilities.


US can’t skimp on costs of Afghanistan’s army

US officials praised Afghan forces for taking the lead in repelling the Taliban’s gutsiest attack last week. But the praise underscored a looming problem with the fledgling Afghan army: its cost.


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Daniel Bard back in the bullpen — for now

Bard will skip his scheduled start due to Sunday’s rainout. He’s available in the bullpen now, but could that turn into a long-term role?

Health and wellness

Daily Dose

Are you leading a heart-healthy lifestyle?

Can positive emotions like optimism, life satisfaction, and a sense of well-being actually lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke?