Photos of US troops posing with corpses surface

Top officials have condemned the soldiers’ actions and the Army said an investigation is underway after the photos were published on Wednesday.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney shared a laugh while meeting with a group residents in Bethel Park, Pa., on Tuesday.

Poll shows Mitt Romney, President Obama in tie

A month after Romney trailed the president in polls, the likely GOP presidential nominee received a boost with the exit of Rick Santorum.

// Brown works to woo South Boston

Republican Senator Scott Brown is courting voters in the most fertile neighborhood in Boston for independent and crossover support.

Mass. hospitals promise openness, apologies

Seven Massachusetts hospitals plan to offer patients harmed by medical errors a prompt apology and financial settlements before they resort to lawsuits.

Ellen Harasimowicz for The Boston Globe

Local craft brewers start canning their beers

After decades building a devoted fan base, craft brewers are now attempting what once seemed unthinkable: getting customers to drink expensive beer out of a can.

Diverse BC High group heads to Harvard

The friendship of four Harvard-bound seniors at BC High School, each from an immigrant family, offers a glimpse of a generation that’s redefining what inclusion means.

Brian McGrory

Soaring greed at Liberty Mutual

The insurer that just got $46.5 million in city and state tax breaks, and paid former CEO Ted Kelly $50 million a year for the past four years, has its own air force.

In this April 19, 1943, photo, a group of Jews is escorted from the Warsaw Ghetto by German soldiers.

Opinion | Jeff Jacoby

Hitler, Pharaoh, and the anti-Semitic culture of victimhood

For millennia, the model for the most virulent, violent anti-Semitism has been to blame Jews for every bad thing, despite facts and logic to the contrary.


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Fewer expected to attend biotech meeting in Boston

About 15,500 people will attend the Biotechnology Industry Organization's convention, significantly fewer than the last time the event was held here.


Political notebook

The super PAC ad accuses Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, of plotting to slash social programs while cutting taxes for wealthy Americans, like himself.

Super PAC ad takes swings at Mitt Romney

Priorities USA Action, a super PAC founded by a pair of former aides to President Obama, will spend $660,000 to air a television ad attacking Mitt Romney in four swing states.

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