FCC to allow Boston to regulate basic cable rates

Local regulation of basic cable rates will be restored after the city argued that there’s a lack of competition among local providers.

MBTA needs state aid, Davey tells lawmakers

Secretary of Transportation Richard A. Davey told a panel Monday that the MBTA would have to raise fares and cut services even more than planned without aid from a state fund.

An image taken from a video on YouTube Monday showed Syrian tanks in the city of Homs. A peace plan was in jeopardy as fresh clashes raged.)

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Syrian forces fire into Lebanon, Turkey

One person was killed and others wounded as the Syrian government’s crackdown on a year-old uprising has spilled over its borders.

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1b

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he’s committed to growing the photo-sharing service independently of the social networking site he founded.

Mitt Romney pulls negative ads aimed at Rick Santorum

Romney is backing off a plan to aggressively target Santorum in Pennsylvania, as Santorum tends to an ill daughter.

Elizabeth Warren

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Warren doubles Brown’s quarterly fund-raising tally

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign raised $6.9 million in the first three months of the year, although she still has $4 million less in the bank than Scott Brown.

James Carroll

A Darwinian campaign season

The Republican candidates have done society a service by forcing voters to acknowledge just how rapidly our culture is transforming.


‘Southie’ reality shows are anything but the real story

While the architects of the state’s film tax credit hoped to open up Massachusetts’ stories to the world, this probably wasn’t what they had in mind.

Josh Beckett may have been smiling on Thursday, but he wasn’t when his first start on Saturday resulted in a 10-0 loss.

Tony Massarotti

Who is to blame for the Red Sox’ many failures?

Many of the names have changed, but the results remain the same. The winless Red Sox look far from contender status, and there is plenty of blame to share.

Dr. Austen performed surgery on Debra Haining at Massachusetts General Hospital. The dots on her face mark the trigger points where she had told the doctor the migraine pain strikes.

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Migraine sufferers turn to surgery

A procedure that is becoming more common uses plastic surgery techniques to offer relief for people who have long suffered debilitating pain.


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