Mass. firms chasing China’s boom

 Employees assemble medical scanning devices at a Thermo Fisher plant in Shanghai. Last year, the company’s revenues in China grewby 20 percent.

Keith Bedford for The Boston Globe

China’s appetite for technology, advanced industrial machinery, medical devices, and other products in which the state specializes is expected to grow.

Juliette Kayyem

The self-destruction of Arizona

It seems there is a 51st state. It’s called faux-Arizona and is led by Governor Jan Brewer.

Ray Allen shares his love of books

The Celtics guard uses the pleasures of a good book to ease the boredom of long road trips or soothe a particularly bad loss.

The Red Sox wasted 12 runs and 18 hits. They wasted four spectacular innings of relief by Vicente Padilla. They wasted the emotional rescue of Bobby V’s counterculture lineup.

Dan Shaughnessy

Smackdowns getting worse for Red Sox

The Red Sox bookended their Lost Weekend in Detroit with a defeat as hideous as any of those we lived through in 2011.

As Pax East ends, gamers get a big industry thank you

Quincy's Irrational Games hosted a get-together to thank fans of its 2007 game, BioShock, and stoke anticipation for the upcoming sequel.

Study: Autism risk higher in children of obese mothers

Mothers overweight enough to affect their metabolism were 67 percent more likely than normal-weight mothers to have a child diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Martha Coakley publicity stirs speculation

The Democrat who lost the seat held by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy to a little-known Republican wasn’t expected to have a political future, much less a rising one.

AOL to sell more than 800 patents to Microsoft for $1b

A “significant portion” of the sale proceeds will be distributed to AOL shareholders, the company said.

Dr. Austen performed surgery on Debra Haining at Massachusetts General Hospital. The dots on her face mark the trigger points where she had told the doctor the migraine pain strikes.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

g cover

Migraines sufferers turn to surgery

A procedure that is becoming more common uses plastic surgery techniques to offer relief for people who have long suffered debilitating pain.


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‘Prague Fatale’ by Philip Kerr

Kerr excels at navigating the dark corners of crime thrillers without providing much guiding light to his hero, a Berlin detective.