March jobs report shows hiring slowed

The US economy added 120,000 jobs, far fewer than expected, and while the jobless rate fell to 8.2 percent, it was mostly due to fewer people looking for work.

Brian McGrory

An outside perspective on Boston

Is there any city where people do self-loathing as completely and beautifully as your fellow Bostonians? It’s time for a slightly different perspective.

// and Baby Dead.JPEG-0da0e-1272--90x90.jpg Entwistle attorney: Illegal searches led to murder conviction

The trial of Neil Entwistle, who is serving life in prison for the murder of his wife and daughter, is currently under review by the state’s highest court.

Shrewsbury man charged in ‘gruesome’ murder of wife

Jieming Liu is being charged with killing his wife after he was found in his home with blood on his hands and face, police said.

Judge challenges review of his rulings

Judge Raymond G. Dougan, under investigation for alleged bias, is asking the state’s highest court to prevent questions about how he reached individual decisions.


Are fat baseball players a problem?

As the Red Sox move past beer and fried chicken, the question is... does it really matter if baseball players get fat?

An enlarged baseball

Photo illustration by C.J. Burton

Interactive Quiz

Guess the gut

Not all baseball players appear to be the most well-conditioned, despite their athletic success. See if you can guess who owns these Major League paunches.

// Twins Red Sox Spring Baseball.JPEG-047ea-072--90x90.jpg Scientists look for moral reasoning clues in baseball

Baseball provides a unique research opportunity, thanks to the practice of intentionally hitting an opposing player with a pitch.

Bobby Valentine used four relievers en route to a loss in Detroit on Opening Day.

Tony Massarotti

Red Sox bullpen is embarrassingly unprepared

Even after just one loss, the relievers threaten to eat away the team’s confidence because they are simply not good enough to contend.


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Syrian youth stood in a building that was hit by tank shells in a neighborhood of Damascus after a raid by troops Thursday.

Syrian troops attack Damascus suburb

The attack came days ahead of a deadline for a cease-fire and was described as one of the most violent attacks around the capital since the uprising began.


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Christopher L. Gasper

BC players celebrated one of their six goals against Minnesota.

BC hockey looking nearly unbeatable

The Eagles are displaying a brand of dominance we haven’t witnessed in these parts since the 2007 Patriots.


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Movie Review

Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs in “American Reunion,” the third sequel to “American Pie.”

‘American Reunion’ gets ‘Pie’-eyed

For anyone wondering where these actors have been, this third sequel is like lifting a rock and discovering they’ve just been pretty much waiting for this movie.