After tumultuous meeting, MBTA approves fare hikes, service cuts

Dozens of people voiced their displeasure with the proposed increases, but the MBTA board voted to raise most subway fares 30 cents, bus fares 25 cents, and commuter rail fares by $1.25 or more, starting July 1.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

MBTA riders opposed to the fare increases attended the hearing.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Majnra Nazy'at spoke to the MBTA board before the vote.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

Left to right, MBTA board member John Jenkins and Transportation Secretary Richard Davey listened to T riders.

Bill Greene / Globe Staff

MBTA riders shouted in protest after the board approved the fare hikes.

Barry Chin / Globe Staff

Demonstrators protested outside the State House Tuesday.

Mitt Romney addressed a luncheon hosted by the Newspaper Association of America and American Society of News Editors Wednesday in Washington, DC.

Romney: Obama is hiding his ‘real plans’ from public

Mitt Romney said today that President Obama was playing “hide and seek” with his plans for the country.

Derrick Z. Jackson

Imprisoned by their fears

The killing of Trayvon Martin exposes the paranoia that has fueled the growth of gated communities.

Exclusive Thursday Preview | Tech Lab

// Nokia Lumia 900: The ultimate Windows phone?

The sleek, high-performance Lumia is a worthy rival to the more costly iPhone from Apple and the horde of high-end phones running Google’s Android software.

Researchers explore gene mutations tied to autism

Three new studies look at gene mutations in egg and sperm cells that become more frequent in children as parents age.

Romell Madison, whose brother Ronald was killed Sept. 4, 2005, at the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans, spoke Wednesday to the media after the sentencing of former New Orleans police officers who were convicted in the deadly shootings of unarmed civilians on the bridge and a subsequent cover-up after Hurricane Katrina.

5 ex-police sentenced in Katrina killings case

The former New Orleans police officers were sentenced for their roles in deadly shootings of unarmed residents after Hurricane Katrina.

// Cahill: Running lottery ads ‘was the right thing to do’

Former state treasurer Timothy P. Cahill pleaded not guilty today, expressing confidence that his corruption case will end with “my name being cleared and my reputation being restored.”

In Boston, lawyers joust over Defense of Marriage Act

Lawyers for Massachusetts and a group representing 17 plaintiffs urged the court to strike down the law that defines marriage as a union only of a man and a woman.


Kristen Donovan; optimist surpassed health diagnoses

Donovan, who died at age 30 of multiple organ failure, was only 1 the first time she had open heart surgery.


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The company logo at Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Yahoo cutting 2,000 jobs

The largest US Web portal is eliminating about 14 percent of its workforce, a step that will create a “smaller, nimbler, more profitable” company, Yahoo’s CEO said.

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A tornado touched down Tuesday in Lancaster, Texas, south of Dallas, one of six to 12 twisters that tore through the area, peeling roofs off homes, tossing trucks into the air, and leaving flattened tractor-trailers strewn along highways and parking lots.

Dallas hit by violent storms, tornadoes

Tornadoes and violent storms raked through the Dallas area, crumbling the wing of a nursing home and peeling roofs from dozens of homes, leaving at least 13 people injured.