Cahill vows to fight corruption charges

Former state treasurer Timothy P. Cahill insisted today that he made the right decision when he changed the direction of a $1.6 million ad campaign for the state lottery in 2010.

Editor resigns, board apologizes after BU paper gaffe

The board of directors of Boston University’s independent student newspaper apologized after an April Fools’ Day edition included articles that made light of rape.

Massachusetts leads fight on right to marry

The state will become the first to go before a US appeals court to challenge a federal law that defines marriage as a union only of a man and a woman.

Police: Oakland shooting suspect upset about teasing

One L. Goh was upset about being teased over his poor English skills and began shooting when an administrator he was looking for was not on campus, police said.

Voting underway in 3 GOP primaries

With primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, Mitt Romney is hoping to add to his delegate lead.

Jacoby Ellsbury worked out during spring training last month.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Kevin Cullen

The pulse of Red Sox Nation

A recent survey by a political polling firm found that while Jacoby Ellsbury is the team’s most popular player, fans hold Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, and Adrian Gonzalez in much lower regard.

Chad Finn

// Ten predictions for the 2012 Red Sox

Could the Red Sox surprise with a run to the ALCS in Bobby Valentine’s first year? Chad Finn offers his forecast.

Joe Kearns Goodwin

Joe Kearns Goodwin, son of author, running for state Senate

Goodwin, a 34-year-old Army veteran and the son of author Doris Kearns Goodwin, is the fifth Democrat to join two Republicans running for the seat.

Opinion | Joanna Weiss

Marriage, managers, ‘mommy wars’

A new research paper presents a husband-centric explanation for why women are so underrepresented on corporate boards and in executive suites.

Springsteen plays from the heart — and a teleprompter

Though Bruce Springsteen is using a teleprompter in his current tour, many fans say that it doesn’t change the energy, spirit, and tent-revival passion of his concerts.


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In Kendall Square, Google plans to enclose an atrium and build a glass-walled connector that is expected to include retail space.

Google will move ITA workers to Kendall Square

The search giant will relocate subsidiary ITA Software of Cambridge to its Kendall offices, after finalizing a deal to create an “urban campus’’ with more than 800 employees.

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G Force

Crunching feedback into data

Joe Delfino, 20, is an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and co-developer of the start-up software company Texifter.