State economy showing ‘clear signs’ of weakening

A leading group of local economists predict that the state’s high tech industry will suffer in upcoming months as global demand for products and services flatten.

Report: Friendly’s considers bankruptcy

The restaurant chain could seek a potential bankruptcy reorganization and sale, according to a published report.

A police cruiser in the driveway of theAshland home of Rezwan Ferdaus in Ashland.

Ashland man indicted on terror charges

Rezwan Ferdaus, 26, was indicted for attempting to damage and destroy a federal building by means of an explosive, among other charges.

Romney fund-raising slows

Mitt Romney is on pace to raise between $11 million and $13 million for the latest fund-raising quarter, a haul that would be much lower than the three months prior.



Kushner works are ‘Tiny’ in name only

It’s not that Tony Kushner disagrees with people who say political theater is always preaching to the converted. It’s that he doesn’t think that’s a valid argument against it.

The message from celebrity chefs and others in this season’s volumes is unanimous: Stay home and cook.


Memo from celebrity chefs: Embrace your own kitchen

By spreading the simple message of eating good food at home, the season’s newest cookbooks bring a bit of activism to the table.

Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona spoke as general manager Theo Epstein looked on during a news conference at Fenway Park today.

Epstein: Nobody blames Francona for collapse

Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein said he won’t make a scapegoat of manager Terry Francona after the team’s unprecedented September collapse.


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Speedy new fireboat is cleared for action

The city’s newest firefighting tool is a tight-turning, quick-stopping 52-ton vessel with five water cannons capable of shooting about 13,000 gallons of water per minute.


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Jackson’s final days described at trial

The testimony on the second day of the trial helped shed light on what Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray did and did not do after he found Jackson unconscious in June 2009.


A revolutionary fighter sat over an anti-aircraft machine gun in a pickup truck in Tripoli, Libya.

Tripoli residents want fighters out of the city

While residents of the Libyan capital revel in their newfound freedoms, they grow tired of the continued presence of hundreds of armed fighters.


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On baseball

Theo Epstein

Lots of big question marks for Theo Epstein

The Red Sox GM said there are “no excuses.” But now he must begin to pick up the pieces. The biggest issue: Will manager Terry Francona survive?


boston fashion week

Taking a big step forward

In its new home, Boston Fashion Week welcomes established designers and new faces.


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‘Gentleman’ mans-up by dumbing down

“How to Be a Gentleman’’ depicts masculinity in the way “The Odd Couple’’ did in the 1960s and ’70s, with the persnickety Felix and the slobby Oscar locking horns.


“Patrick’s ultra-liberal response (to sending fingerprints of arrested suspects to the FBI and immigration officials) reflects one side of a stubborn and ever-polarizing national debate.”

Joan Vennochi 


“Could it be true, Pinker wondered, that humans had actually become less violent with time, as opposed to more? And if so, how had we done it?”

Leon Neyfakh,   on Steven Pinker’s new book about violence in history