Palestinians defy opposition, seek statehood from UN

Palestinian youths held signs during a protest ina West Bank village today.

Abed Omar Qusini /REUTERS

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked the UN to accept a Palestinian state, a move he hopes will reenergize the quest for an independent homeland.

DiMasi loses bid to remain free on bail during appeal

Chief US District Judge Mark Wolf ruled former House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi must report to federal prison on Nov. 16.

SJC: Judges can ask jurors about ‘CSI effect’

The state’s highest court ruled that potential jurors can be questioned about whether they expect prosecutors to produce scientific evidence to prove their case.

Greg Klee/Globe Staff

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

The decline of violence

Bad as things may seem, the modern world is actually getting more peaceful, and Harvard’s Steven Pinker set out to discover why.


Make drivers pay for driving

If President Obama wants to reduce carbon emissions, he should embrace the principle that the country's infrastructure should be paid for by the travelers who use it, Edward L. Glaeser writes.

Senate rejects House-passed stopgap spending measure

Congress is at an impasse over a federal spending bill amid a partisan dispute over funding for disaster assistance, escalating a fight that threatens a shutdown of US government operations.


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Deportation reprieves unevenly applied

Reyna Quintanilla entered the US legally and has no criminal record, yet faces deportation despite new federal guidelines on prosecutorial discretion.


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Construction to begin on Back Bay tower

The 28-story apartment building fills in the last residential plot in the Prudential Center complex, which introduced modern high-rise development to the area.


Yemen president returns, adds confusion to crisis

President Ali Abdullah Saleh made a surprise return to Yemen after more than three months of treatment in Saudi Arabia for wounds suffered in an assassination attempt.


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Movie Review

Tale of wounded dolphin is fine family fare

"Dolphin Tale" is an excellent family film that lightly fictionalizes the tale of Winter, the Florida dolphin with a prosthetic tail.


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Stage Review

The humor, horror of ‘Candide’

Considering the national mood, this adaptation of Voltaire’s blistering satire of the glass-half-full worldview is coming at the right time.


“Why should it be considered brutal to provide a terminally ill patient the means of ending his life a few months or weeks earlier than his illness otherwise would?”

Scot Lehigh 


“It doesn’t make any difference whether you assign more homework in English, science, or history. Students will still do the same.”

Ozkan Eren,   assistant professor of economics at the University of Nevada, on whether homework works