Despite new policy, deportation reprieves unevenly applied

Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Reyna Quintanilla entered the US legally and has no criminal record, yet faces deportation despite new federal guidelines on prosecutorial discretion.

Alfredo Aceves, left, and David Ortiz hung their heads after losing to the Orioles on Wednesday.

Dan Shaughnessy

These Red Sox do not deserve a playoff spot

Really, how do you root for these guys anymore? They are 5-16 in September. Don’t accept injury excuses. This is about underperformance.

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney sparred last night over Social Security and the Massachusetts health care law, as each of the two front-runners sought to use his opponent’s own words against him.

Romney, Perry keep up fight in debate

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry turned on one another last night with heated attacks over their authenticity, commitment to conservative principles, and ability to defeat President Obama.

Obama allows states to opt out of some ‘No Child’ rules

President Obama called the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law an admirable but flawed effort that has hurt students instead of helping them.

Weary Herakles (”Herakles Farnese” type) Roman, Imperial Period, mid to late 2nd century A.D.


MFA sends looted ‘Weary Herakles’ statue back to Turkey

After years of negotiations, the Museum of Fine Arts recently acknowledged that the statue was probably originally looted from an excavation in Turkey and should never have entered the collection.

Palestinian leader asks UN to recognize state

Mahmoud Abbas formally asked the United Nations to recognize the state of Palestine today, defying US and Israeli opposition.

Steven Syre

Anxiety grips world markets

Cautious words from the Fed, evidence of a slowing economy in China, and worries about Europe’s debt crisis all help drive investors out of riskier holdings.


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Stewart, Staples team up

Martha Stewart has made her way into craft stores, pet shops, and cookware outlets. Now the home fashion guru is showing up at the office.


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President Obama spoke to a crowd in front of the Brent Spence Bridge in Ohio yesterday. The president’s trip also raised his profile in the politically important state.

Obama takes jobs fight to Boehner’s turf

President Obama pitched his jobs plan yesterday from the turf of the top Republicans on Capitol Hill, combatively calling them out by name to demand action.


Turkey takes Israel to task at UN

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan used his appearance before the annual General Assembly yesterday to enumerate a long list of grievances with Israel, a former ally.


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Movie Review

Tale of wounded dolphin is fine family fare

"Dolphin Tale" is an excellent family film that lightly fictionalizes the tale of Winter, the Florida dolphin with a prosthetic tail.


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Stage Review

The humor, horror of ‘Candide’

Considering the national mood, this adaptation of Voltaire’s blistering satire of the glass-half-full worldview is coming at the right time.


“Why should it be considered brutal to provide a terminally ill patient the means of ending his life a few months or weeks earlier than his illness otherwise would?”

Scot Lehigh 


“It doesn’t make any difference whether you assign more homework in English, science, or history. Students will still do the same.”

Ozkan Eren,   assistant professor of economics at the University of Nevada, on whether homework works