Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, right, is running second behind the leader, Texas Governor Rick Perry,in opinion polls.


republican debate

Romney and Perry go after each other

Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rick Perry accused one another of flip-flopping on Social Security and health care.

Missing Wrentham teenager is found alive in Dedham

Matthew Glass, 17, was found alive today in Dedham, and was reportedly taken to Norwood Hospital. His parents were heading there tonight to see him.

Dow has biggest two-day decline since 2008

All three major US stock indexes closed down more than 3 percent today amid investors’ concern that policymakers are running out of tools to avoid another global recession.

Exclusive Friday Preview | Movie Review

'Moneyball' is a winner

Brad Pitt is a hit in the movie that finds the humor and frustration of life in the front office of a baseball team.

A Massport fireboat escorted Cunard Lines' newest liner, Queen Elizabeth, as she made her way past Castle Island en route to docking at Black Falcoln Terminal in South Boston today.

Cruise ship royalty anchors in Boston

The Queen Elizabeth, the world’s biggest luxury cruise ship, made her maiden call to Boston today.

Tthe globe of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, wass illuminated outside Genevain this 2010 file photo.

Faster-than-light claim challenges Einstein’s theories

Scientists at the world’s largest physics lab said today they have clocked neutrinos traveling faster than light.


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Stewart, Staples team up

Martha Stewart has made her way into craft stores, pet shops, and cookware outlets. Now the home fashion guru is showing up at the office.


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This set of paired images provided by Shinji Nishimoto of the University of California, Berkeley,  shows original video images, upper row, and those images reconstructed by computer from brain scans.

Brain scans let computer reconstruct movie scenes

By monitoring the brain activity of volunteers watching movie clips, a computer was able to make rough reconstructions of what they viewed.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, delivered an address to the UN General Assembly in New York.

US walks out as Iran delivers anti-US speech

American diplomats led a walkout at the UN General Assembly as Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fiercely attacked the United States and major West European nations as “arrogant powers.”


Bargain Bin

Annual fabric sale has all the angles covered

At Marblehead’s Fall Festival, expect horse-drawn hayrides, pumpkin and mask decorating, a car show, and sidewalk sales.


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Television review

Bello reason ‘Prime Suspect’ works

The new NBC adaptation is related to the Helen Mirren series in name only. Star Maria Bello brings an entirely different energy to the badge.


“R.B. Scott also said that no one he met while researching the book suggests Romney ‘would ever win the Mr. Congeniality prize.’ ”

Joan Vennochi  


“It doesn’t make any difference whether you assign more homework in English, science, or history. Students will still do the same.”

Ozkan Eren,   assistant professor of economics at the University of Nevada, on whether homework works