Mass. economy continues to outpace US

Better-than-expected growth will help the state likely avoid another recession, but future growth could slow, according to a new report.

Probation official placed on leave amid hiring probe

Christopher Hoffman was suspended indefinitely with pay amid questions of whether he would be indicted as part of a patronage hiring scandal.

Fall River councilor indicted on gambling charges

Leo O. Pelletier was indicted today along with three co-defendants on charges of running illegal gambling parlors.

Members of Occupy Boston walked from their encampment at Dewey Square to the Moakley Courthouse, where they staged a protest on behalf of Tarek Mehanna today.

Trial of alleged homegrown terrorist begins

The prosecution declared today that Tarek Mehanna was an Al Qaeda propagandist, while the defense said the Sudbury man shouldn’t be punished for his views.

Brian Feulner for The Boston Globe

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‘Frankensteez’ is a monster’s ball of local hip-hop

Local hip-hop DJ and producer Mister Jason will celebrate his recent concept album “Frankensteez’’ with a Halloween bash at Church.

Globe Insiders | video

Globe Talks: Inside the Collapse

Watch tonight’s discussion about the Red Sox collapse, with Globe sportswriters Peter Abraham, Bob Hohler, and Dan Shaughnessy answering questions from subscribers at the Cask n’ Flagon.


How Obama can win reelection

Obama won’t convince anyone that he has turned the country around; but he could justifiably claim that he has fixed many of the problems bequeathed to him by his predecessor.

Exclusive Friday Preview | Movie Review

Shakespeare takes a beating in ‘Anonymous’

Roland Emmerich’s soap-opera thriller contends that the actual author of William Shakespeare’s plays was one Edward de Vere.


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Janitor at Wellesley school charged with stealing Apple products

A janitor at Wellesley Middle School is facing charges that he stole more than $20,000 worth of Apple products and student-crafted jewelry from the facility in recent months.


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Disgraced financier Bernard Madoff is shown here in 2009 before he pled guilty to charges in connection with a Ponzi scheme he ran.

Madoff happier in jail, no longer thinks of suicide

Disgraced financier Bernie Madoff told ABC’s Barbara Walters he has terrible remorse over his epic fraud, and that he’s happier in prison than he’s felt in 20 years.

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DNA of centenarians to be studied

George Eberhardt is one of 100 centenarians who will be examined using whole-genome sequencing, the deciphering of a person’s complete collection of DNA.


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canadiens 2, Bruins 1

Adam McQuaid skated away as the Canadiens celebrated what turned out to be the game-winning goal in the third period.

Woes continue for the Bruins

Tomas Plekanec scored the tiebreaker with 9:14 remaining to give the Montreal Canadiens a 2-1 victory over the Bruins.