Scrutiny vowed on fish labeling

State officials say they will improve oversight of seafood sales after a Globe investigation this week revealed widespread mislabeling at area restaurants.

US to probe Boston charter schools

The investigation is focusing on whether the state is discriminating against students with limited English fluency.

Ex-Patriot Eric Naposki listened to closing statements at his trial in July. He was convicted of the 1994 murder of William McLaughlin.

Ex-Patriot Eric Naposki out to prove murder conviction unjust

Naposki insists his conviction this year of a 1994 California murder was wrong. Now imprisoned and facing a life sentence, Naposki says, “I guarantee I’m walking out of here one day.’’

Ben Cherington

Ben Cherington's first job: hire a manager

The new Red Sox GM said he has “a handful’’ of candidates. But don’t expect the team to hire a strict disciplinarian to fix the clubhouse problems.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Juggling lives and, now, phones

The ever-expanding smartphone market has enticed many people who are tethered to a particular phone for whatever reason to snap up a second one.

For Romney, Bay State no longer a punch line

During his first presidential campaign, Mitt Romney often turned Massachusetts into the butt of his jokes. The former governor now says his experience here makes him the best candidate to govern across the aisle.

John Olver to retire; redistricting may ease

The Amherst Democrat’s retirement could take significant pressure off the congressional redistricting process in Massachusetts.

Yvonne Abraham

Khazei’s exit Warren’s loss

Now Alan Khazei is gone too, but Elizabeth Warren’s camp shouldn’t be celebrating his departure, because a contested primary could have helped her candidacy.


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A woman loaded purchases from a Target store into her car in Culver City, Calif.

US economy expands on consumer spending

Gross domestic product in the third quarter rose at a 2.5 percent annual rate, while household purchases increased at a more-than-projected 2.4 percent pace.

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DNA of centenarians to be studied

George Eberhardt is one of 100 centenarians who will be examined using whole-genome sequencing, the deciphering of a person’s complete collection of DNA.