District fire chief acquitted in pension fraud case

A Boston district fire chief was acquitted today of pension fraud in federal court, the second firefighter to be vindicated in the scandal that rocked the department.

President Obama announced the end to US military operations in Iraq.

US troops to leave Iraq by year’s end

President Obama today declared an end to the Iraq war, announcing that all US troops would be withdrawn from the country by year’s end.

Khadafy’s death energizes Syrian, Yemeni protests

Thousands of protesters in Syria - where activists say 24 people were killed by security forces - and Yemen poured into the streets today and said their longtime rulers will be the next to fall.

Microbiologists Benjamin Wolfe and Rachel Dutton at Dutton’s Harvard lab with a wedge of Bayley Hazen Blue.

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

‘Survivor’ on a piece of cheese

How two Harvard microbiologists became accidental food celebrities.

Boston Capital

Outlook on Groupon IPO is cloudy

As the daily deal site prepares for an initial public stock offering, investors are rethinking the online deal business as competition comes from every corner.

Boston Red Sox pitching coach Curt Young, left, has returned to the Oakland Athletics after an unsuccessful year in Boston.

Sox pitching coach returns to Oakland

Curt Young is returning to the Oakland Athletics, where he spent seven years before becoming the Red Sox’ pitching coach this past season, according to a report.


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Confessed killer eligible for new sentencing trial

The death penalty for Gary Lee Sampson was possibly tainted by a juror who lied during his 2003 sentencing trial, a federal judge ruled yesterday.


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Defense contracts dwindle

As the US attacks its deficit by trimming $400 billion from the Defense Department budget, New England is apt to feel the economic pain.

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Putnam's Pinkney has eye-opening numbers

Melquawn Pinkney is a small player at a small school, but the more yards he eats up and the more games his team wins, the bigger their names get.