Casino bill may aid rich schools

Schools in some of the state’s wealthiest communities would get millions of dollars in casino money while some of the poorest districts would get nothing under a measure that passed the state Senate.

With details in dispute, violent end for Khadafy

The conflicting accounts about how Moammar Khadafy was killed seemed to reflect an instability that could consume Libya long after the euphoria fades about the former dictator’s demise.

Andrew J. Bacevich

A death, but not a triumph for US

There is no need to mourn Moammar Khadafy’s passing, but neither is there any reason to view his departure as a transformative event.

Brian McGrory

A victory for reason in Wodinsky v. Kettenbach lawsuit

It’s rare when wealthy people are told point-blank that all the money in the world doesn’t give them the right to act like raging, insufferable jerks.

Jack Kevorkian’s art is focus of legal tussle

The controversy over the work of Dr. Jack Kevorkian didn’t stop with his death in June. But the latest fight isn’t over the right to die — it’s about his art.

A gruesome Kevorkian painting called


A gruesome Kevorkian painting called "Paralysis" showed the brain and spinal cord separating from the subject's body.

In 1997, Dr. Jack Kevorkian showed off his painting called

Linda Radin/AP

In 1997, Dr. Jack Kevorkian showed off his painting called "Genocide" in Royal Oak, Mich. He used some of his own blood to paint the frame red.

Kevorikian’s painting called


Kevorikian’s painting called "Nearer My God to Thee" depicted America’s fear of dying.

A painting by Kevorkian called


A painting by Kevorkian called "Fugue," one of 17 works in a collection that may be worth up to $3.5 million.



Kevorkian's "Chromatic Fantasy" was unlike some of his other work, which depicted death or dying.



Kevorkian's "Bach" was one of the paintings in dispute between his estate and the Armenian Library and Museum of America in Watertown.


"Fever" was a gruesome look at the human form by the late medical pathologist.


"Double Cross of Justice" included a broken scale and the shadow of a cross on the wall behind it.

Some believe that


Some believe that "Brotherhood" was Kevorkian's take on humanity.


"The Gourmet (War)" showed a decapitated head on the dinner table.


Pregnant marathoner: Run, mommy, run

Hours after finishing the Chicago Marathon, Amber Miller gave birth and unwittingly ran herself into a kind of age-old controversy on how women should behave.

Schools crack down on dirty dancing

The sexually charged dance style known as grinding has drawn gasps of dismay from school administrators, and caused high school dances to be canceled.

Lethal superbugs detected in nearly half of Mass. hospitals

The first statewide survey to track these fast-spreading superbugs found the drug-resistant bacteria known as CRE in 31 of the 63 hospitals that responded.


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Greece adopts austerity plans amid riots

Ignoring two days of riots outside parliament, Greek lawmakers passed a deeply resented new austerity bill Thursday in order to avoid a national bankruptcy.

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Putnam's Pinkney has eye-opening numbers

Melquawn Pinkney is a small player at a small school, but the more yards he eats up and the more games his team wins, the bigger their names get.