With details in dispute, violent end for Khadafy

libyan tv via Associated Press

Moammar Khadafy, the former Libyan strongman, met a violent and vengeful death at the hands of rebel fighters who stormed his final stronghold in Surt.

In Mass., celebration and regret

Word of Moammar Khadafy’s death sent waves of jubilation through several households in New England, but many also expressed regret that the dictator would never face trial.

No deal yet with Sox, Cubs

The bottom line is that neither side can believe the issue of compensation for Theo Epstein has taken this long.

Casino bill may aid rich schools

Schools in some of the state’s wealthiest communities would get millions of dollars in casino money while some of the poorest districts would get nothing under a measure that passed the state Senate.

Kidney failures spur an overhaul at Lahey Clinic

Lahey Clinic has revamped its adult kidney transplant program after organs failed in an unexpectedly large number of patients from mid-2006 through 2009.

Schools crack down on dirty dancing

The sexually charged dance style known as grinding has drawn gasps of dismay from school administrators, and caused high school dances to be cancelled.


Movie Review

‘Take Shelter’ hits home

The genius of this film isn’t that the coming threat is never specified but that it doesn’t need to be. It’s a horror movie for grown men, and it’ll hit many where they live.


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Jack Kevorkian’s art is focus of legal tussle

The controversy over the work of Dr. Jack Kevorkian didn’t stop with his death in June. But the latest fight isn’t over the right to die — it’s about his art.


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Defense contracts dwindle

As the US attacks its deficit by trimming $400 billion from the Defense Department budget, New England is apt to feel the economic pain.


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Putnam's Pinkney has eye-opening numbers

Melquawn Pinkney is a small player at a small school, but the more yards he eats up and the more games his team wins, the bigger their names get.