After cooperation, DiMasi cohort gets 18 months in jail

Joseph P. Lally Jr. was sentenced to 18 months in jail for his role in a political corruption scheme that led to the downfall of former House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi.

Fed survey finds region’s businesses downbeat

New England businesses reported growth, but were increasingly pessimistic in their outlook due to national political and economic uncertainties, according to a Fed report.

Fact check: Did Mitt Romney employ illegal immigrants?

The story behind the accusations by Texas Governor Rick Perry that Mitt Romney used illegal immigrants to do his yard work.

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Emotional reunion between firefighter and boy he saved

Globe reporter Brian Ballou talks about the reunion between a firefighter and the 6-year-old boy following the boy’s rescue from a burning building.

Menino honors firefighters who helped save Roxbury boy

A 6-year-old boy was reunited today with the veteran firefighter who is credited with saving his life by catching him after the boy was dropped from a window. A suspect in the fire pleaded not guilty today.

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Boys’ school shines light on abuse ‘darkness’

Last night, the prestigious Fessenden School, which teaches students from kindergarten through ninth grade, took a dire step unprecedented in its 108-year history.

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The Piggery is pork heaven

Upstate New York business thrives raising heirloom pigs.


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Clues sought on possible Big Dig hole

State contractors are in the process of burrowing near South Station to remove earth that will provide clues about the cause and size of a possible sinkhole beneath one of the Big Dig tunnels.



N.H. Republicans push Romney to boycott Nev. caucuses

The former Mass. governor is eager not to alienate Granite State voters but has not indicated any interest in joining a candidates’ boycott after Nevada pushed its caucus date to Jan. 14.

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Hurricanes 4, Bruins 1

Eric Staal was one of four Hurricanes to slip a shot past Tuukka Rask last night.

Bruins boxed out by Hurricanes

While the Bruins were busy taking pinheaded penalties, the Hurricanes poured in a pair of power-play goals, blowing a 2-1 game into a 4-1 rout.


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Dreams, the bizarre, a gaze

A critic’s look at exhibits: Jane Smaldone, “New Paintings Tabitha Vevers: The Art of Survival,’’ Mary Sherman, “Waiting for Yves Michelle Lougee: Material Nature,’’ “National Figures.’’