Shaughnessy: ‘More bad news for the Red Sox’

In today's Big Story, Dan Shaughnessy examines the “bothersome” admissions that Jon Lester made about drinking beer in the clubhouse during games and Terry Francona having lost control of the Red Sox.

Lester admits to ‘rally’ beers

Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester said the drinking did not factor in the team’s downfall and said ex-manager Terry Francona lost the authority to lead the team. “We never had rules,” Lester said.

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Inspired by a book series, bloggers produce a culinary phenomenon

Millions of readers around the world have been devouring the George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy series — some more literally than others.

Deborah Ha  believes in casinos for the jobs and revenue, she said. But when asked if she will visit them, she said, “don’t really go to casinos.”

Bay Staters have mixed opinions on casinos

While people interviewed yesterday said they supported the legislation, most agreed that they had little intention of spending their time — or money — at casinos.

Three arrested in murder of Ipswich restaurant owner

The men were arrested for the murder of Shui Keung “Tony” Woo, 62, of Quincy, who was found dead at the Majestic Dragon on Route 1 on Sept. 27.

Film, dialogues spur memories of busing

Boston’s court-ordered school desegregation of the 1970s gets attention anew through discussions and viewings of a documentary.

Roxbury fire leads to harrowing rescues, arson arrest

The response included the rescue of a six-year-old dropped from a window following a blaze that police say may have been a failed suicide attempt.

John E. Sununu

Pay it backward

The debit card fee debacle is a mess purely of the politicians’ making.

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Libyan forces tear down Khadafy compound

Libyan revolutionary forces bulldozed the green walls surrounding Moammar Khadafy’s main Tripoli compound, saying it was time to tear down the leading symbol of his tyranny.


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Health and wellness

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Cara L. Lewis, an assistant professor of physical therapy, fits Kaitlyn Chin with a robotic hip device.

Watch the way you walk

As the number of Americans undergoing hip and knee replacements increases, researchers are searching for ways to head off damage to these pivotal joints.


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Turkey’s dominant figure - and more

“7 Turkish Artists” is unusually intelligent and ambitious. A small show, it seeks to put us inside the mind of a country of 75 million people.


“ ‘Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan’ could prove to be far more relevant in the future than we can ever imagine.”

Juliette Kayyem 


“A string of new studies suggests that the modern chase after happiness—and even happiness itself—can hurt us. Happy, it turns out, is not always the way you want to be.”

Gareth Cook,   on the dark side of happiness