Jon Lester admits to ‘rally’ beers in clubhouse

Lester said the drinking did not factor in the Red Sox’ downfall and said ex-manager Terry Francona had lost the authority to govern the team. “We never had rules,” Lester said.

Roxbury fire leads to harrowing rescues, arson arrest

Firefighters rescued terrified people trapped by the flames from windows, and a six-year-old was dropped from the third floor into the arms of a waiting rescuer.

Study: President Obama battered in media

President Obama has received more negative press coverage in recent months than any of his prospective GOP challengers, a newly released study found.

Abuses alleged in retooled loans

Property owners say they are being threatened with foreclosure by lenders even after signing agreements to make lower mortgage payments and stay in their homes.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

Nonbelievers striving for humanist connections

Harvard humanist chaplain Greg Epstein has launched a network of groups that offers the fellowship and ceremony of churchgoing without any belief in the transcendent.

Bob Ryan

It’s old hat for Tom Brady, but it’s still thrilling

The relieved Patriots are now sitting at 5-1 heading into their bye week, the primary reason the presence on the New England side of Mr. Tom Brady.

No erosion of hope in Chatham

Rapid erosion has left several cottages perched on the water’s edge, their demise seemingly a matter of time, but residents have banded together in a fight to save them.


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Deborah Ha  believes in casinos for the jobs and revenue, she said. But when asked if she will visit them, she said, “don’t really go to casinos.”

Bay Staters have mixed opinions on casinos

While people interviewed yesterday said they supported the legislation, most agreed that they had little intention of spending their time — or money — at casinos.


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Galit Lahav worked in her laboratory at Harvard Medical School.

A quest for more effective drugs

Harvard Medical School plans to announce a new initiative today that will bring together various scientific disciplines to ultimately design better drug therapies.

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Libyan forces tear down Khadafy compound

Libyan revolutionary forces bulldozed the green walls surrounding Moammar Khadafy’s main Tripoli compound, saying it was time to tear down the leading symbol of his tyranny.

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Ramping up cancer research

Dr. Susan Love, president of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and author of "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book," will be speaking at the Lahey Clinic.


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Turkey’s dominant figure - and more

“7 Turkish Artists” is unusually intelligent and ambitious. A small show, it seeks to put us inside the mind of a country of 75 million people.


“A string of new studies suggests that the modern chase after happiness—and even happiness itself—can hurt us. Happy, it turns out, is not always the way you want to be.”

Gareth Cook,   on the dark side of happiness