Patrick visits Occupy Boston

Governor Deval Patrick walked through the Dewey Square site for the first time today, drawing both cheers and jeers from protesters.

A car burned during  the protest in Rome, Italy, today.


Occupy protest in Italy turns violent

A protest march in Rome, part of the global Occupy Wall Street movement, turned into a riot today with protesters smashing bank windows and setting fire to cars.

Plymouth pays high price for foreign wars

The town of 56,000 has seen six of its own killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, among the highest death tolls in Massachusetts.

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Retail’s the game in New York City

Globe staff writer Christopher Muther provides a highly subjective list of favorite shopping stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Opening Ceremony on Howard Street in Manhattan.

Maki rolls being made at the fish market Lobster Place at Chelsea Market in Manhattan.

Bedford Cheese Shop on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.

A tray of cookies at Eleni’s at Chelsea Market in Manhattan, which caters to a New York state of mind.

Manhattan's Kiosk's interior looks as if it is located in an adandoned warehouse.

Maplex cards are transformed into nik-naks including Robot Girl and Robot Boy, at Abode in Brooklyn.

Street performers Lyle Werener and Eve Polich performed on a busy Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.

The busy hallways of Chelsea Market in Manhattan, where people eat, drink, and shop.

Mike Smith checked out some unusual pants at INA on Bleecker Street in Manhattan.

Lauren Conrades went through the stock at INA.

Nyomi Banks, 6, of Dorchester peeked at a zebra through the gates of the Franklin Park Zoo.

Franklin Park Zoo closes to corral escaped zebras

The zoo reopened around 2:45 p.m. after a zebra and her foal escaped from their exhibit, forcing an evacuation and temporary closure.

Driving a bus isn’t as easy as it looks

Every year, the professionals - bus drivers with Boston’s MBTA - compete to see who can guide their behemoths through an obstacle course with the greatest of ease.


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For bell, sound advice

An 876-pound bell cast by Paul Revere & Sons Bell and Cannon Foundry will be installed at Old South Meeting House steeple, which has one without a bell since 1876.


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Small touches make things clear

The Newtonville Whole Foods store will be the first supermarket on the East Coast — and the second nationally — to offer Braille food labels.


GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry discussed his proposals at the US Steel plant in West Mifflin, Pa.

Perry makes first major policy speech

Seeking to reinvigorate his campaign, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry called yesterday for a major expansion of oil and gas drilling.


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Epstein talks drag on with Cubs

The Red Sox and Cubs continued to negotiate yesterday over the terms of compensation for general manager Theo Epstein, a process that is expected to last into next week.


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Stage Review

Political repression, artistic defiance

At the heart of the political satire “Speaker’s Progress” lies the notion that the act of creating theater is inherently an act of dissent.