Henry speaks out about Crawford, team antics

Red Sox owner John Henry, angry with what he was hearing on 98.5 The Sports Hub this afternoon, arrived at the station at 2:20 p.m. and demanded to be heard.

Double hand transplant recipient Richard Mangino, 65, of Revere.

Brigham performs hand transplants

Surgeons at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and transplant patient Richard Mangino of Revere discussed the 12-hour operation this morning.

Mikki Manfredonia, of San Francisco, looked at her new Apple iPhone 4S today.

Sprint gets iPhone, sets first-day sales record

The wireless carrier, which was selling the iPhone for the first time today, broke its record for first-day sales of any phone.

Ion Sokhos


Double visions

As the MFA’s impressive new wing reopens and the ICA celebrates its fifth high-profile year on the waterfront, Geoff Edgers wonders: Is this town big enough for two major collections of contemporary art?

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

The dark side of happiness

Turns out there are ugly side effects to our pursuit of perfect joy.


‘The Wire’: Why it still matters

The issues and concerns raised on the HBO show have grown ever more timely as we descend into a new decade, writes Carlo Rotella.


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SJC chief justice applauds emergency funds for courts

Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland praised the Legislature for agreeing to give emergency funds to the state court system, and called on Governor Deval Patrick to sign off on the measure.


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Crews plan to begin work today on a 381-unit glass-and-stone apartment building on Washington Street.

Towering hopes for downtown

The Kensington will soon begin to rise out of a vacant lot along Washington Street, ending a construction slump that has haunted Downtown Crossing since the Filene’s redevelopment stalled more than three years ago.


N.H. ponders benefit, cost of Dec. vote

Putting the primary in December runs the risk of diluting the focus on the contest and incurring the wrath of the Republican Party old guard.


Perry calls for new energy policy

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry’s “Energizing American Jobs and Security” plan focuses on domestic energy production to create jobs and lessen dependence on foreign oil.


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Kevin Faulk

Kevin Faulk as hungry as ever to get back on field

The Patriots running back, out since a knee injury last year, should soon get the chance to pull on his pads again and do the only job he’s ever loved: play football.


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Movie Review

Everyday romance done right in ‘Weekend’

This romance between two gay strangers is both a movie about sex and love and a movie about sex and love in other movies. Either way: wow.


Yes, people with advanced degrees like to pick up street talk so they can say things like, “Honey, did you re-up on arugula?’’

Carlos Rotella,   on ‘The Wire’