Mass. Senate passes casino gambling bill

The legislation, which passed in a 24-14 vote, now goes to a joint House and Senate committee where lawmakers will reconcile the mostly minor differences between the two versions of the bill.

Red Sox owner John Henry (left) and CEO Larry Lucchino must try to stabilize the franchise after the departures of Terry Francona and Theo Epstein.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Christopher L. Gasper

From top to bottom, Red Sox are just unlikeable

The buck stops with John Henry. If the 2004 Red Sox were memorialized by the movie “Fever Pitch,” then the current Sox’ portrayal would be “Horrible Bosses.”

Brown dismisses plagiarism flap as ‘silly’

Senator Scott Brown today dismissed questions about how Elizabeth Dole’s words about her childhood ended up attributed to him on his official website.

Murray Close/20th Century Fox

Exclusive Friday Preview | Movie Review

‘The Big Year’ is surprisingly sweet

Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson star in a comedy that’s for the birds, in a good way.

Movie Review

Everyday romance done right in ‘Weekend’

This romance between two gay strangers is both a movie about sex and love and a movie about sex and love in other movies. Either way: wow.

Movie Review

With a few changes, this prequel’s ‘The Thing’

You never hear the term “slavish prequel’’ tossed around - although now you might.

Movie Review

‘Human Centipede’ sequel has no legs to stand on

Just imagine the least pleasurable things you can do to a body and then stay home.


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Conn. man convicted in deadly ‘07 home invasion

The man was convicted of killing a woman and her two daughters during a gruesome attack in which family members were tied up, molested, doused in gas and left to die in a fire.


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Raj Rajaratnam arrived at court in New York to hear his sentence.

Hedge fund manager gets 11 years for insider trading

Raj Rajaratnam, whom prosecutors called “the modern face of illegal insider trading,” received less than half of the sentence sought by prosecutors.


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Chad Finn

Dave Martinez

Twenty Red Sox offseason predictions

With Theo Epstein moving on, Chad Finn outlines a plan for rescuing the franchise, including hiring Dave Martinez as manager and dumping John Lackey.


New club Descent recalls neighborhood’s red-light past

Boston’s Combat Zone, the former hotbed of adult entertainment and prostitution, is seldom fondly memorialized, particularly in high-end architecture.


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Arts: the week ahead

Alireza Darvish offers a series of drawings and watercolors about the book in the modern world, particularly in the context of totalitarian politics.