R.I. slashes restrictions on illegal immigrants

The stunning turnaround reflects the fickle nature of immigration politics in a state that still remains deeply divided over the issue, with critics vowing to push back.

Al Davis

Raiders owner Al Davis dead at 82

The Pro Football Hall of Famer and Brockton native was a three-time Super Bowl champion and a legendary figure in NFL history.

Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein

Dan Shaughnessy

Red Sox could use a speedy resolution

The Theo Watch continues. He’s either going to the Cubs or he’s staying here for more years/dollars/power. Whatever happens, it needs to happen soon.

In speech, Romney vows vast military growth

Mitt Romney uncorked a withering broadside against what he called President Obama’s “feckless’’ foreign policy yesterday and detailed his plans.


G Cover

Remembering through her music

Naomi Kliman was a piano teacher in Dorchester and Milton for 65 years. At 82, she has Alzheimer’s disease and has forgotten everything — except her music.

A quizzical response to the new bar codes

With 35 percent of adults owning a smart phone, QR codes have quickly become the darling of the mobile marketing world. But what exactly are they?

Toxic traces in the air

New studies show that perchloroethylene, or PCEs, could cause cancer in much smaller amounts than previously thought. Revised state guidelines for environmental compliance are impacting hundreds of property owners.


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On Yom Kippur, chance to save lives

Today, the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation will sponsor bone marrow drives at two local synagogues, Temple Israel in Boston and Temple Isaiah in Lexington.


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Reliving the Pan Am experience

Four hundred former Pan Am stewardesses reunited for their group’s World Wings International conference. The most buzzed about topic: ABC’s new drama “Pan Am.”


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Jeremy Gonzalez picked tomatoes on a farm in Steele, Ala., on Oct. 3. Many of the migrant workers who normally work these fields have moved after Alabama's immigration law went into effect last week.

US asks court to halt Alabama’s immigration law

The federal government asked an appeals court yesterday to stop state officials from enforcing a strict immigration measure that has driven away migrant workers and Hispanic students.


Libyan revolutionary fighter exchanged firing positions while attacking pro-Khadafy forces in Surt yesterday.

Libyan revolutionary fighters surround Surt

Fighters assaulted Moammar Khadafy’s hometown in what they hope will be a final all-out offensive to crush resistance in the bastion of regime loyalists.


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Cardinals 1, Phillies 0

St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Rafael Furcal reacts as he runs off the field after Game 5 of the National League division series with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Phillies can't finish

The wild-card Cardinals scored in the first inning when Rafael Furcal led off with a triple and Skip Schumaker followed with a double. And that was it.


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Visual Arts

Football coach turns art curator

Williams College football coach Aaron Kelton is set to take his turn as a guest curator today at the university’s Museum of Art.


“To become a citizen of a nation is a choice that involves more sacrifice and pain than tearing down the sculpture of a dictator.”

Gal Beckerman,   on the challenges facing some Middle Eastern countries