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Roads of the future

Smarter materials. Wildlife crossings. Electric-pod concourses. Change is coming to 4 million miles of American roadway.


The test ahead

The trail of exploding special education costs reveals that more students than ever are going to need help. Here’s how the state’s public schools are getting ready.


Derrick Bell, at 80; former Harvard legal scholar worked to expose racism

Derrick Bell, a legal scholar who worked to expose the persistence of racism in America through his books and articles, died Wednesday in a New York hospital.

alex beam

For the love of Mormons

Religious group that is often maligned, misunderstood, and made fun of is trying to change perceptions.

DiMasi friend Vitale pleads guilty to lobbying violations

Richard Vitale pleaded guilty to 10 counts of state lobbying and campaign finance violations, and will serve two years of probation and pay $32,000 in fines.

UMass to host climate change center

UMass Amherst will be home to one of eight centers around the country to study the local effects of climate change.

Romney: Obama is damaging US credibility

In his first major foreign policy speech, Mitt Romney pledged to reverse Pentagon cuts, saying President Obama has debilitated the military.

Numbers low for program to aid unemployed homeowners

Fewer than half the number of unemployed homeowners targeted for no-interest loans will be helped through the program, a total bound to leave millions of dollars on the table.


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Quips by Brown, Warren turn into darts

Both sides are expecting an expensive and potentially nasty fight. But US Senator Scott Brown’s recent remarks may have trained the spotlight on gender early in the election cycle.


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Jobs set course forward for music, movies, books

Steve Jobs made it easy for people to entertain themselves on high-tech devices, and he unveiled gadget after gadget with an effortless touch.


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Giffords visits D.C. for husband’s retirement

Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords was back among friends and colleagues yesterday at a ceremony for her husband.


Dimmer outlook as Afghan war marks 10th year

US officials, who are facing a future of fewer troops and less money for reconstruction, are narrowing their goals for the country.


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Movie Review

‘Margaret,’ a perfectionist’s portrait of imperfection

What emerges from the tinkering and legal skirmishes is an occasional marvel, a kind of everyday highbrow social X-ray, Paul Mazursky by way of Krzysztof Kieslowski.


“To become a citizen of a nation is a choice that involves more sacrifice and pain than tearing down the sculpture of a dictator.”

Gal Beckerman,   on the challenges facing some Middle Eastern countries