Poll suggests Warren, Brown in dead heat

Elizabeth Warren holds a commanding lead over her rivals for the Democratic US Senate nomination and would be in a dead heat with Scott Brown in next year’s election.

Wide receiver Wes Welker had another big game, catching nine pases for 156 yards, in New England’s 31-19 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Patriots 31, Raiders 19

Big win for Patriots

A balanced attack led New England to a 31-19 victory over the Raiders in Oakland today.

Occupy Boston protesters plan rush hour rally

Demonstrators who have descended on Boston’s Financial District plan protests tomorrow that could snarl traffic in the city.

Drs. Pamela Hartzband and Jerome Groopman (at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center), coauthors of ‘‘Your Medical Mind: Howto Decide What Is Right for You.’’


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Mind-set over matter

Your attitude has a lot to do with the kind of medical choices you make.


Rides not revenge

On monthly rides, a Boston-based group of bicyclists called Critical Mass blows red lights, clogs intersections, and generally wreaks havoc -- all in the name of improving the lot of bikers. The message isn’t getting through.


Darwin, the economist

Who is the most underrated economic theorist? In a new book, economist Robert Frank argues that it’s Charles Darwin.


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Home sales go green in Mass.

More than a third of the homes sold in the state this year have been paid for in cash as buyers sidestep the traditional mortgage process.


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This Georgia Department of Corrections handout photo showed death row inmate Troy Davis.

Executed Ga. convict mourned as a martyr

Sent to death row 20 years ago as a convicted cop killer, Troy Davis was celebrated yesterday by more than 1,000 people at his funeral.


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The sight of Wes Welker’s 5-foot-9-inch frame dodging defenders has become familiar to Patriots fans.

Welker the model on a small scale

In the land of receivers, Wes Welker has become a brand. His traits, skills, and quick moves have been packaged into a mold, and the Patriots have the original.


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Beauty and beasts

In the wake of a dramatic fall in political violence in Colombia, tourists now have the chance to appreciate the country’s beauty — quirks and all.


“One woman in New Hampshire told me she didn’t mind that (Mitt) Romney had flip-flopped on issues, so long as he’d flipped to positions she liked.”

Joanna Weiss 


“To become a citizen of a nation is a choice that involves more sacrifice and pain than tearing down the sculpture of a dictator.”

Gal Beckerman