A dream realized, and lives reborn

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

With drive, diplomacy, and heart, Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, a young and unproven surgeon, made Boston a face-transplant leader.

N.H. town has penchant for picking winners

It’s uncanny, but as goes Ashland, so goes the state in GOP presidential primaries. It’s a perfect perch to gauge the political free-for-all of 2012.

Trap Day heralds winter lobster season

On Monhegan Island in Maine, it is a frenzied, exhausting, and exhilarating day of setting hundreds of traps for the long winter harvest.

Tom Brady will be looking to bounce back from last week’s loss in Buffalo when he threw four interceptions.

Patriots at Raiders, 4:15 p.m.

Patriots’ keys to a Week 4 victory

The Boston Globe breaks down the X’s and O’s for today’s game in Oakland and offers a prediction for who will win.

Home sales go green in Mass.

More than a third of the homes sold in the state this year have been paid for in cash as buyers sidestep the traditional mortgage process.

State aims to test kindergartners

Massachusetts is developing plans to assess students as soon as they enter kindergarten to gauge how prepared they are for school.

New England Travel | Berkshires

Critic's tour of treasures meanders in the hills

From Williamstown to Stockbridge, Sebastian Smee finds museums in the Berkshires that display art for every taste.


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Shuttered church is sold for $2 million

St. Jeremiah Catholic Church, one of a handful of shuttered area parishes where congregants held long-running protest vigils, has been sold for $2 million.


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High court may factor in election

The Supreme Court begins its new term tomorrow, and President Obama’s health care overhaul, which affects almost everyone in the country, is squarely in its sights.


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The sight of Wes Welker’s 5-foot-9-inch frame dodging defenders has become familiar to Patriots fans.

Welker the model on a small scale

In the land of receivers, Wes Welker has become a brand. His traits, skills, and quick moves have been packaged into a mold, and the Patriots have the original.


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Beauty and beasts

In the wake of a dramatic fall in political violence in Colombia, tourists now have the chance to appreciate the country’s beauty — quirks and all.


“One woman in New Hampshire told me she didn’t mind that (Mitt) Romney had flip-flopped on issues, so long as he’d flipped to positions she liked.”

Joanna Weiss 


“To become a citizen of a nation is a choice that involves more sacrifice and pain than tearing down the sculpture of a dictator.”

Gal Beckerman