Benefits debate has jobless on edge


If Congress doesn’t act by the end of the year, nearly 2 million Americans, including 34,000 in Mass., could have their unemployment benefits slashed to 26 weeks from 99.

Stonehill cuts camp ties after hazing report

Stonehill College said it has severed its relationship with a summer basketball camp as police in two towns investigate an alleged hazing involving Andover High students in July.

Gregoria Rivera protested a scheduled foreclosure auction with a group earlier this month outside her Lynn home.

Some lenders resist foreclosure-prevention buybacks

Lenders worry that providing a way for homeowners to cut their debt will motivate others who owe more than their properties are worth to stop paying mortgages.

The (new) old girls’ network

The SheEOs, a diverse network of female CEOs in Boston, offer insight and support for women who want to build their own businesses.

Representative Barney Frank with Senator Edward M. Kennedy at a fund-raiser during Frank’s first House bid in 1980.


Barney Frank a liberal voice impossible to ignore

For 31 years, Barney Frank’s impact on debate and policy has been among the most significant of any recent House member outside the speaker’s office.

For Barney Frank’s constituents, a jolt

From steadfast admirers to sometime supporters and even critics, many interviewed said they had imagined that Barney Frank would remain a fixture for years to come.

Barney Frank’s retirement sets stage for a showdown

The news set off a flurry of activity and speculation about who may vie for the open seat in a dramatically redrawn Fourth Congressional District.

“He made you earn your money. If you’re going to get up on the House floor and debate Barney, you better know what you’re talking about.”

US Rep. Peter King,  Republican of New York


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Linehan stands by his council redistricting plan

Councilor Bill Linehan defended his proposal to divide Chinatown when City Council district lines are redrawn, denying that he had his own political future in mind.


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Developer envisions dining mecca at old office park

The developer of the massive Northwest Park in Burlington is taking a bold stand when it comes to signing up restaurants: no large national chains.


Romney once advocated softened immigration stance

Mitt Romney’s evolution to a more hard-line position is exposing him to the flip-flop charges that have been seen as one of his vulnerabilities.

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Gene Lamont (left) hopes he’s managing the Red Sox in 2012 and beyond. Bobby Valentine has not managed in the majors since 2002 with the Mets.

Red Sox search drags, but could end soon

Gene Lamont and Bobby Valentine are the two remaining candidates for the Red Sox manager position, and indications are that a decision could come as soon as today.


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A world of variation, engagement

“World Documents,’’ at the Mount Holyoke College Museum of Art, is a form of documentation, and the eight photographers in it are very much engaged with the world.


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Bella English

About Romney’s missing e-mails...

Imagine our surprise when a few of the absent e-mails from Mitt Romney’s days as governor were recently dumped on our doorstep.