Romney seeks Patrick, Obama correspondence

The request comes after a Globe report this morning that Mitt Romney’s aides deleted e-mails at the end of Romney’s term in 2006.

Poll: Romney tops Obama among independent voters

Independent voters could be critical in tipping the scales in such battleground states as Florida, Ohio, and Virginia in the 2012 election.

Juliette Kayyem

A rethink for Europe

The economic turmoil now occurring in Europe is prompting the EU to redefine itself even as its influence weakens.

Dale Sveum

Cubs hire Dale Sveum as new manager

Sveum, a candidate for the Red Sox job, agreed to become Theo Epstein’s first manager in Chicago.


Exclusive Friday Preview | MOVIE REVIEW

‘Descendants’ highlights a dad in Hawaii shaken by life

The film, starring George Clooney, is about saying goodbye to the things we take for granted.


Animated penguins attempt to fly in ‘Happy Feet Two’

Centuries from now, cultural historians will look at this film and ask one question: What the heck were they smoking?


‘The Man Nobody Knew’ tells story of a spy - and a father

Carl Colby makes a worthy effort in this documentary about his father, former CIA director William Colby, whose public candor about the agency cost him his job, but may have prevented worse damage.


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Workers push back against earlier holiday openings

Workers who say early openings ruin their Thanksgiving celebrations are trying to persuade companies to back off, but retailers say: It’s what customers want.


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Jeanine Kane and Tony Estrella in  “Hamlet’’ at the Gamm Theatre.

An accessible, entertaining ‘Hamlet’

Red, the color of blood and passion, dominates the stage in the Gamm Theatre’s breathtaking “Hamlet.’’

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