State unveils plan for new school-rating system

Massachusetts public schools would be required to cut in half the number of low-scoring students over the next six years in a plan that would supplant No Child Left Behind.

Lawmakers to vote on casino bill Tuesday

The compromise bill authorizes three casinos and one slot machine parlor, and would not allow happy hours in bars statewide.

Dorchester neighborhood is shocked by shooting deaths of two sisters

The victims were found this morning when a blood-covered 2-year-old knocked on another sister’s door.

Donald Rudolph (center) stood in Quincy District Court today.

Prosecutor details Weymouth triple murders

A Norfolk prosecutor said today that Donald Rudolph used knives and a hammer to kill his mother, his sister, and his mother’s boyfriend.



How she found her way

Saskia Epstein, Theo Epstein’s sister-in-law, had a rocky adolescence, one that shapes her leadership today.

Surrounded by NBA basketball players, union executive director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher (second from left), spoke at a press conference today in New York.

NBA players reject deal; season in jeopardy

Players called the league’s latest offer “extremely unfair” and began the process to disband the union. Commissioner David Stern said the move was a “big charade.”

James Carroll

Status provides small comfort

The mass marketing of faux privilege defines a new style of class longing in America.

Adrian Walker

Bright and early

Elizabeth Warren held a rally in Boston yesterday, where 1,000 volunteers seemed eager to stand with her in a Senate race that has quickly reached a fever pitch.


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Executive chef Eddie Cerrato uses the electrolyzed water as a sanitizer.

MIT finds a new cleaning solution

MIT’s Endicott House has replaced the hundreds of gallons of chemicals it uses annually with just one cleaner - water, charged with an electrical current.

Health and wellness

G force

He makes study of hoarding

Randy O. Frost, a psychology professor at Smith College and author of the 2010 book “Stuff,” is an expert on compulsive hoarding.


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Quest for identity as trilogy plays out

“The Brother/Sister Plays,’’ the trilogy by the gifted young playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney, is a challenge for any cast, but Company One's actors are up to the task.