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Court mismatch makes OUI justice elusive

“I represent nice people who, at the worst, are somebody with an alcohol problem,” said Stephen L. Jones, a defense attorney specializing in drunken driving cases, whose fee to argue a case starts at $10,000.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Lawyers who specialize in defending drunk drivers enjoy huge legal advantages built into state law, and have the ear of some judges prone to favor their arguments, no matter how far-fetched.

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Rates of breath-test refusals by town

See the town-by-town rates of drivers who refuse to take a breath test from 2008 to 2010.

Trial excerpts

How to defend an accused drunk driver

A 23-year-old financial worker almost caused an accident, failed field sobriety tests and blew .25 on the breathalyzer test. But this top OUI defense attorney got the driver acquitted.

FOR SPOTLIGHT - Massachusetts State Troopers perform a sobriety test on a driver at a sobriety check point operated jointly with the Chicopee Police, on Memorial Avenue in Chicopee on Friday, April 29, 2011. (Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe)

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Under the influence

Full coverage of the Globe’s investigation into OUI acquittal rates.

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Alzheimer’s is stealing Bruce Vincent away

Alzheimer’s has quickened its pace, snatching from Vincent more abilities than it had since his diagnosis three years earlier. But his humor and selfless core endure.

Web primary aims to find third option for president

Frustrated by the gridlock in Washington, a well-funded bipartisan group of activists and political professionals plans to give voters a third choice for president in 2012.

Penn State scandal prompts anger, reflection

The sexual abuse scandal has renewed the long-running debate over the outsized influence of big-time college athletics.

Jane Potter, a Berklee College of Music professor, shares a thrice-a-week gig at the Fairmont Copley Plaza’s Oak Bar, the last vestige of Boston’s piano bar scene.

Boston’s piano bars are almost gone

The hotel piano bar scene is fading into memory, clinging to one last room at the Fairmont Copley Plaza’s Oak Bar.


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Support, tears at home of slain family

With tears streaming down her cheeks, a relative of Donald Rudolph said yesterday that more should have been done to address his troubling behavior.


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Midlife career change creates questions

After 31 years as a flight attendant, Karen Andrew took the company-offered buyout and set out to create a new career as a nutrition counselor.

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Bruins 6, Sabres 2

The Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller collision did not sit well with the Sabres goaltender. ‘‘Fifty pounds on me and he runs me like that,’’ Miller said. ‘‘It’s unbelievable. That was gutless. Gutless.’’

Lucic, Bruins crash the net

After Milan Lucic flattened Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller in the first period, the Bruins found their legs and kicked off their rally to beat the Sabres.


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Travel | England

Confessions of a crop circle chaser

Crop circles appear every summer in Wiltshire, England, and they attract “croppies” who, like storm chasers, scout the landscape for agriglyphs.