Italian Premier Berlusconi resigns

Silvio Berlusconi resigned today after parliament’s lower chamber passed European-demanded reforms, ending a 17-year political era.

 Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich campaigned at the Circle Restaurant in Epsom, N.H., yesterday.

GOP debate tonight at 8 p.m., CBS

Tuning in to the Gingrich pitch

After months of being written off as a second-tier candidate just hoping to get back in the national conversation, Newt Gingrich is suddenly surging among Republican primary voters.

Dozens mourn at Rudolph home

Mourners made their way today to the Weymouth home where Paula Rudolph was killed Thursday along with her boyfriend and daughter.

Final: Nebraska 17, Penn State 14

Post-Paterno Penn State loses to Nebraska

The Nittany Lions played in front of 107,903 fans — their largest crowd this year — but couldn’t rally from a 17-0 deficit in their first game without Joe Paterno.

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Explore New England | Dennis

On Cape Cod, an off-season getaway in Dennis

Why visit New England’s summer playground when it’s not chockablock with tourists? This time of year it’s possible to have a gastronomic experience without the contact sport that is the Cape in July.

Travel | England

Confessions of a crop circle chaser

Crop circles appear every summer in Wiltshire, England, which attract “croppies” who, like storm chasers, scout the landscape for agriglyphs.


Lullaby Man: Carter Burwell’s return is the sound of ‘Breaking Dawn’

“Twilight’’ fans have to remind themselves that Edward Cullen is not a real guy. But Harvard-educated film composer Carter Burwell comes close.


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Twice the celebration on 11/11/11 with twins

The unique date of 11/11/11 was twice as nice for Marly Deleon, who gave birth to twin boys at Massachusetts General Hospital yesterday.


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Political Notebook

Perry, Cain take different tacks on crisis

Rick Perry and Herman Cain have chosen far different methods in their race to recover first and best from the crises that have rocked their presidential campaigns. Humor is Perry’s choice. For Cain, defiance.

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Torey Lovullo eager for his chance with Red Sox

The Toronto first base coach was the fourth managerial candidate to interview with the Red Sox. He made a good impression, presenting what kind of manager he would be.


“[Elizabeth] Warren says entrepreneurs should ‘pay forward’ to the rest of us in gratitude for their success. If anything, the thanks should go the other way.”

Tom Keane 


“Scholars who take on punk find themselves working amid bedeviling contradictions, as they try to methodically define a culture that refuses definition, rejects method, and denies the very idea of expertise.”

Leon Neyfakh